Top guy with least effective finisher

Hey Scott,

I was underwhelmed by Adam Cole/Keith Lee and I think part of it has been the total kayfabe ineffectiveness of Adam Cole's finishers. He uses the Last Shot (Shining Wizard to the back of the head) and Panama Sunrise (Destroyer), yet needs at least 3 – 5 of any combo to win a big match. I know we live in the age of finisher spamming and extended kick out sequences, but Cole's title reign for as long as it was never had much drama because I never bought his finishers. Can you think of a wrestler booked as a top guy who had less effective finishing moves?

He’s a heel, though.  That’s part of his deal.  He needs the Undisputed Era to back him up.  
I wanna say Seth Rollins.  Eight million moves and none of them get the job done.  Except for the curb stomp which he needs to spam 10 times to beat top guys.