Quirky questions

How goes it.  Long, looong time reader (1999 or so).  Some blog questions for fun and nonprofit.

The eyeball match.  This has got to be some kind of desperation shock factor thing right?  This is somehow more gross, unappealing and frankly unsettling as a stipulation than the electric chair stuff. 

The Big Gold Belt.  This one has been driving me nuts, absolutely nuts for years.  Where did the dent come from but more importantly why couldn’t they fix it?  To me it just looked so second hand, swap meet-ish for guys to be wearing a dented belt.

Thought of this one while watching OSW Reviews.  So, 1-2-3 Kid gets his nickname as a way for the fans to mock Razor by chanting it at him.  So if The Kid wins by a shock countout instead of a shock pin, does his name become the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Kid?  Not really the same ring?

Re:  Eyeballs.  Funny how Vince said they don't do “blood and guts”.  Just eyeballs.

Re:  Gold belt.  I've heard it was damaged during the nWo era, but I never noticed the dent until it was pointed out years later, so I never lost much sleep over it.  

Re:  1-2-3 Kid.  He could have been the Kountout Kid!  They would have made millions!