WCW Capturing the summer

Good afternoon Mr. keith.  Greetings from America/Apocalypse below you guys. Hope your family is all well and safe and you enjoy your vacation. Watching AEW's shows from Daileys Place, had me going through Spring Break & Disney Nitros, BATB's, Hog/Road Wilds and it hits me every time this year; WWE completely sucks at portraying the fun of spring and summer months.  I don't even remember the last Summerslam that felt like the season.

Looking at the venue history, i never realized how often wwe were at cities that don't scream “summer” .  Now mind you i understand proven markets and other matters do take it into account, but summerslam in East Rutherford New Jersey never appealed to me.  And the shows at the staples center….. did anyone cut a promo from outside an arena during those?!?

Beach 95 sucked Booking wise, but man I had fun watching the visual throughout.  Rednecks ruined alot of the Road Wilds, but it sure as shit looked like everyone was having some fun in the sun. The more i think WWE wants to keep me in their contained “bubble” of their presentation, the more i want out of it and miss seeing that the world keeps going on in its own way during an event.  Even with AEW i can hear the outdoor echo and notice the wrestlers hairs blowing in the wind. When are we going to see someone get attacked doing pullups at Muscle Beach god dammit!!!

Yeah I'm really wondering why WWE doesn't try to do some kind of outdoor event instead of sealing everyone in the bubble of the PC week after week.  It would definitely feel less claustrophobic, and GOD KNOWS if there was ever a time when they need to do something different and had the leeway to do it, it's now.  Are the ratings gonna drop much further if they mess around with the format?