The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 06.08.85

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 06.08.85

Vacation time is here!  Can’t go anywhere in Covid-World, but I’ve got a stack of DC 100 Page Giants to catch up on, and a couple of seasons of SuperFriends that I ordered for myself for Father’s Day last month.

Meanwhile, I just wanted something light and easy to review tonight after a long day at work, and it’s been a while since we’ve visited the Irish McNeil Boy’s Club on the Network.

For those who forgot where we left off:

Oh yeah, I forgot, welcome to the era of Nightmare and Snowman as the top two singles champions in the promotion.

Taped from Shreveport, LA

Your hosts are Joel Watts & Jim Ross

ATTENTION:  NON-PROFIT GROUPS AND ORGANIZATIONS!  You can have Mid-South do shows in your high school gyms.  Maybe WCW should have tried to get that deal, since they certainly qualified as non-profit.

Cowboy Bill Watts v. The Bruiser

Oh man, the Cowboy comebacks were getting incredibly sad and self-indulgent by this time. Like, look at the product being put on by Crockett and Vince at this time, with state of the art guys and production, and here’s Bill putting his flabby old bald self on TV doing matches from the 70s.  Oklahoma Stampede finishes at 1:30.

Kamala v. Frankie Lane

Jim Duggan joins us and basically stages a sit-in while waiting for Kamala to hit the ring, threatening to beat him up with the 2×4 when he comes down.  So Kamala never does appear.

Meanwhile, at the Superdome on June 1, Muhammad Ali appears in Snowman’s corner for a TV title defense against Jake Roberts.  Snowman’s connection to Ali was apparently the entire reasoning behind him getting the TV title out of nowhere

TV title:  Snowman v. Jake Roberts

Snowman overpowers Jake to start and throws a clothesline, but Jake bails and we various edits to presumably cut out all the stalling from Snowman.  We cut to Ali chasing Barbarian around at ringside while Jake hits Snowman with a DDT, but it only gets two as they actually let this fucker be the first guy to kick out of the DDT.  So then Barbarian comes in and puts Snowman in a full nelson, but Snowman of course heroically breaks that move as none of this is a DQ for some reason, and then Ali gets involved and punches out both heels, before Snowman hits a powerslam for the pin at 3:05 shown.  Hopefully they at least got a big gate out of it.

Dr. Death Steve Williams & Ted Dibiase v. Brad Armstrong & Brickhouse Brown

Skandor Akbar does a promo in the ring before the match, as he notes that Dibiase “owes him a favor”, which would pay off later.  JR notes that Dibiase and Armstrong are very familiar with each other, referencing the “Mr. R” angle from Georgia without saying as much.  Dibiase tries to throw punches in the corner, but Brad gets a backdrop and he’s all fired up.  Too much so, as he tries a bodypress and Dibiase drops him with a stungun to end his shine.  Doc comes in with a lariat for two, but misses a legdrop and it’s over to Brickhouse.  And he promptly runs into a boot in the corner like a complete geek, and Dibiase drops an elbow on him and follows with a backbreaker.  Doc comes in and drops his own elbows for two, but misses a blind charge and it’s back to Brad.  So then Brad runs wild again for a bit and it’s BREAKING LOOSE IN TULSA, but Brown gets escorted out of the ring and Doc knocks Brad into next week with the loaded arm brace so that Dibiase can finish with the figure-four at 4:00.  Man they just GOBBLED those two babyfaces.

Hacksaw Duggan v. Larry Clarke

Duggan is working with eye protection, so he blitzes Clarke and throws him out of the ring, but Dibiase and Duggan hit the ring, paying off that earlier Akbar line about the favor.  The heels double-team Duggan and Akbar tries to shove a lit cigar in his eye, but BY GAWD COWBOY BILL makes the save FOR AMERICA.  Maybe they should promote a match where the winner has to blind the loser.  LIKE ANYONE WOULD BE STUPID ENOUGH TO TRY THAT LOL.

Oh, 2020, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Last week, Terry Taylor defends against the Nightmare, but Ric Flair screws him over and big fat Moondog Rex gets the North American title.  Eddie Gilbert’s celebration here is tremendous.

The Nightmare v. Mike Nichols

So before the match, Eddie tells Boyd Pierce that Nightmare will now be named The Champion.  That’s somehow even dumber.  So yeah, it’s North American champion The Champion.  The Champion now has a new mask revealing his beard, making him look like even more of a bygone 60s throwback.  Champion with a hammerlock slam and he goes up with a big splash for two, and then finishes with the piledriver at 1:55.  I’m very over this guy.  I just don’t get what Watts saw in him to justify this push.  Was it still Bill Dundee booking at this point?  Can we blame him?

Last week, the Snowman saves jobber Mark Ragin from getting whipped by Dutch Mantel, and then steals the whip and cuts one of the most legendarily horrible promos of the decade.  Ain’t nobody living in the past in 1985!  Except for the promoter putting himself over in the show opener.

Dirty Dutch Mantel v. Allan Martin

Dutch beats Martin down and stomps away on him, then finishes with the gourdbuster at 1:44.

The Fantastics v. The Dirty White Boys

Time to play “What current popular hit did WWE have to scrub out here?”  I’ve actually got no idea in this case.  The Fantastics literally walk around the front row kissing the old grannies and hugging the kids in order to maximize their babyface potential.  The White Boys attack and it’s a brawl to start, but the Fantastics whip them together and Fulton grabs a headlock on Denton and does the spot where he backdrops the other guy while holding onto it.  He tries a dropkick and misses, landing on his injured ribs, and Tony Anthony comes in and beats on the ribs.  Denton with a backdrop while JR desperately runs down next week’s lineup with time running out.  Apparently the Fantastics face Doc & Dibiase next week, which means I’m still gonna keep watching for another week.  And everyone battles until they wrap it up at 3:00 with no decision.

This was not a great effort for Mid-South.  Better luck next week.