Daily News Update – July 11, 2020

The biggest news for me, I’M ON VACATION!  Time to barbeque some hot dogs and stay six feet away from humanity at all times for the next two weeks.

DATELINE:  New Japan prepares to run a show with fans for the first time on Saturday night.


Apparently they are directing fans to sit quietly and not shout or cheer.  This is leading to confusion from the workers, who think they’re at a Smackdown TV taping in 2019.  HEY-OH!

DATELINE:  Um, I dunno, there’s a UFC this weekend?  

I don’t have much to talk about this morning, to be honest.  FITE.TV is sending me press releases hyping up their basketball tournaments and Freestyle Motocross events on there, so clearly there’s a dearth of content out there right now.  Even MLW is showing old episodes of the original MLW promotion from 2003, which is kind of neat I guess.  No wonder I’m going back to 1989 for shit to watch.  This is being written on Friday night so I’m curious to see what Tommy is gonna e-mail me for headlines in the morning.  I’ll be impressed if he can come up with three interesting bullet points to hype.

Here’s a match you might enjoy.