Presidential Qs

Not about Trump. I can’t even with that ignorant douchebag.

No, this is about Jack Tunney’s firing in 1995. In the Observer where Dave breaks the news, he theorizes that Shane Douglas is coming in as a heel commissioner-type. Dave also waxes about how great crazy Bob Backlund would be as WWF President. That got me thinking about a couple of questions I wanted your take on.

1. Clearly Shane Douglas in this role would be light-years ahead of Evil School Teacher, but does Shane find success as heel President, or does he still flame out?

2. Who’s the better heel Prez: The Franchise or Crazy Bob?

1.   He still flames out.  Too much politics stacked against him. 
2.  Crazy Bob would have been great as a parody in short bursts, but ultimately he had a shelf life.