Friday Night Party Thread: July 10, 2020

We made it!

Well, the day I’ve been waiting for is almost upon me: after a looooong time away from training, I go back between the ropes on Sunday!  If you’re wondering, the place has a ton of hand sanitizer and there’s only going to be 3 or 4 of us in the whole damn building.  I know it’s a risk, but at this point I think we’ve beaten it down enough that we the risk is small.

I hope it all goes well.  Right now, seeing the news from the Southeast is giving me panic attacks.  I don’t know what’s going on, why it’s happening, or how it could be prevented.  I just hope it doesn’t get up to the DC area.  We’ve been doing so well for so long.

Normally I’d keep this happy, but it feels like the world thrills in stupidity.  Seriously, people just made up claims that a major furniture chain is involved in child trafficking, and they’re only evidence is “some things are more expensive than others”.  We’re dealing with a special breed of stupid I can’t wrap my head around, and it’s horrible and infuriating and WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE ANYWAY AHHHHHHHH

I think I need to log off and go play some video games.  Y’all enjoy the weekend.  I may be around.