Moxley vs. Cage

Has there been a wrestler that has suffered more from the pandemic than Jon Moxley?  I don’t mean in terms of COVID-19 itself (although his wife getting it obviously isn’t a good thing) but rather the effects of doing these empty arena shows.

There’s no doubt in February that giving Mox the AEW Title was the right move, but without crowds behind him he has seemed completely directionless as champion.  The title defenses he has made have been forgettable and I don’t really think he was all that missed during Fyter Fest.

While there’s no way I think Moxley would have lost the title this soon in a normal world, he just hasn’t felt like a big part of the show lately and Taz has been cutting killer promos every week with Brian Cage looking like an unbeatable monster in the process.  Do you think AEW has gotta pull the trigger on Cage and give him the World Title next week?

No, but I am pretty sure they should put the title back on Jericho if this empty arena deal is gonna go for a long time still.  As noted, Moxley's act loses a lot without the fans.