What the World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain TV – May 13, 1995

Chip Kessler and Les Thatcher do commentary, with the show still originating from Warrensville, North Carolina.

Thatcher interviews the Gangstas, D’Lo Brown, and Killer Kyle.  New Jack runs down all the forces that have been brought to Smoky Mountain to take them down.  He says he looks forward to Jim Cornette losing $50,000 when the Gangstas beat Bob Armstrong and Terry Funk at Volunteer Slam.

After recapping the THUGS-Gangstas main event from last week, Thatcher interviews the THUGS.  The THUGS are facing the Gangstas in a ghetto street fight at Charlotte Memories this Saturday.  Tracy Smothers does his usual smooth rhyming, while the Dirty White Boy warns the Gangstas that the THUGS are coming.  After a music video for PG-13 airs, Thatcher asks the THUGS about their thoughts on facing the USWA tag team champions at Volunteer Slam.  The White Boy says Smoky Mountain is better than the USWA and puts down PG-13’s size.

Kessler talks with Jim Cornette about Volunteer Slam.  Cornette recaps the $50,000 stipulation for the Texas Death match and footage shows a previous battle in Smoky Mountain between Bob Armstrong and Terry Funk.  Armstrong says he is coming to Knoxville to do his part against the Gangstas and hopes Funk feels the same way.  Cornette closes by promising a wild show in Knoxville as his old score with the Gangstas gets settled.

The feud between the Rock N’ Roll Express and the Dynamic Duo is recapped.  Ricky Morton, sporting a neck brace, says he looks forward to there being no interference against Al Snow in their scaffold match at Volunteer Slam.  He tosses a watermelon off a balcony to show what is going to happen to Snow’s skull when he falls off the scaffold.  The audience is given a slow-motion replay of the watermelon’s explosion for added effect.

Kessler interviews Al Snow in an empty arena.  Snow is nervous about the scaffold match but calms himself enough to cut a promo denouncing Morton’s girlfriend and his illegitimate children.  Snow tells Morton that he is putting his life and career on the line at Volunteer Slam.

Thatcher recaps the stipulation for the Jersey Dog Fight match between Boo Bradley and Killer Kyle for Volunteer Slam.  Kyle calls Bradley an idiot, while a music video plays for Bradley to the tune of “Alley Oop” by the Hollywood Argyles.

Non-Title Figure-Four Challenge Match:  Buddy Landel (SMW Champion) (10-7-1) pins Steve Armstrong (1-0) with the figure-four leg lock at 6:22:

SMW is nearing the end of its television tapings in Warrensville so the crowd facing the hard camera is depleted.  The rules of the match require the use of the figure-four leg lock to win the match.  It is a creative stipulation but it really hinders what the match could be because both me focus on takedowns so they can quickly apply the figure-four without much of a setup.  Referee Mark Curtis gets bumped when Landel kicks out of a Boston Crab effort.  This prevents Steve’s successful figure-four from counting and Landel throws powder in his opponent’s eyes and locks in a figure-four for a pinfall win.  Rating:  *

Thatcher interviews Landel, who claims Armstrong tried to use powder against him and he successfully countered it to win.  He promises to successfully defend his SMW title when they face off at Volunteer Slam on Friday night.

The Last Word:  Smoky Mountain did a hard sell for the Volunteer Slam event and next week is likely going to be a hard sell for the Charlotte Memories card.  Both cards have some interesting bouts but once again, the SMW title is playing second fiddle to other feuds as the scaffold match and Terry Funk’s appearance are bigger deals than seeing Buddy Landel defend the title against one of Bob Armstrong’s sons, not helped by Steve’s lack of exposure on television up to this point in the year.

Smoky Mountain ran a few shows in Kentucky and Tennessee during this week.  Here are the results of a couple of those shows, courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

Monticello, Kentucky – Monticello High School – May 12, 1995 (500):  Killer Kyle pinned Boo Bradley…SMW Champion Buddy Landel beat Bobby Blayze…the THUGS beat the Gangstas…the Rock N’ Roll Express defeated SMW Tag Team Champions the Dynamic Duo via disqualification…Bobby Blayze won a “pole battle royal.”

Cleveland, Tennessee – Bradley Junior High School – May 13, 1995 (150):  Boo Bradley pinned Killer Kyle…Steve Armstrong beat SMW Champion Buddy Landel via disqualification…the THUGS beat the Gangstas…the Rock N’ Roll Express beat SMW Tag Team Champions the Dynamic Duo via disqualification…Steve Armstrong won a battle royal.

Backstage News*:        SMW is hoping that Terry Funk’s appearance in Knoxville for Volunteer Slam can draw a big crowd but they are less confident that Charlotte Memories will be a big draw because of going head-to-head with NASCAR that night.

*SMW might use PG-13 more after Volunteer Slam as some reports are suggesting they might be programmed against the Gangstas after the show.

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