89 NWA questions (not rebooking Starrcade I promise)

Scott.   First off thank you for the bash 89 & 90 rants.   I loved them and I love that time period of the NWA/WCW.   So I have a few rapid fire questions.  

1.   First off – looking at the talent on the Bash 89 card (Flair, Steamboat, Sting, Luger, Funk, Muta, and so on) how was this time period not hugely successful from a financial standpoint?   The talent level is amazing and the bash 89 crowd is red hot.   Plus you’ve got that amazing show closing angle and a combination of top guys that I mentioned above that you could have gotten amazing main events out of for months.   Shouldn’t business have been booming?

You'd think so.  But ultimately Jim Herd just didn't understand wrestling and you need a strong leader behind the scenes to maintain momentum.  

2.   Sid Vicious.   Like you mentioned in your rant he’s got the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand.   Should they have strapped the rocket to Sid and pushed him to the top?  Was he a victim of bad booking?   Did he just not care enough?   What kept Sid from

being huge???

Bad booking and he didn't care enough.  They kept putting him in situations where he'd get exposed in longer matches instead of just having him powerbomb the shit out of people and leaving.  

3.   Baby face Flair.   Like you I love pissed off baby face Flair from this time period.   Should they have kept him face for a while or was the turn in early 90 a good idea?

He should have stayed babyface for a while.  The dynamic with the babyface Horsemen would have been new, they could have done the all new dynamic with babyface Flair defending against heel Luger and gotten a few months out of THAT…there was still a lot of juice in it.  

4.   The tag teams.  The tag division in 89-90 is unbelievable.  So much talent and again with the talent involved it feels to me like they could
have main event or at least high up on the card matches with different tag team combinations for months or even years.   Who would have been your team that you pushed to the top?   I’m going with the Midnight Express or the Stieners

Much like Thanos, the Steiners were inevitable.  

5.  The Great Muta – what in the world happened???   This guy should have been the guy no doubt in my mind.   Was this her another case of poor booking or a lack of motivation on Muta’s part?

Poor booking and apparently casual racism on the part of the management, who just couldn't see a Japanese guy as a top babyface.  It's hard to blame him for how little he cared by the end of the year.