WWF Action Zone – March 26th, 1995


March 26, 1995

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Todd Pettengill

This week’s featured match is Shawn Michaels vs. Adam Bomb


Men on a Mission defeat Ken Raper & Gary Sabaugh in a match first shown on the 3/26 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” After the match was when MoM turned on the Smoking Gunns. And, what aired here was twice as long as we saw on Challenge since they never showed Sabaugh’s part of the match on the show.


We get an ad for “Sunday Night Slam” that is voiced over by Pettengill.


The announcers sell the turn of MoM as they are both disgusted over what happened and said how Oscar is now out of work. They sure as shit hammered that home after this turn.


Owen Hart defeated Chris Tipton in a match first shown on the 3/26 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


After a brief break, we see Raymond Rougeau interview Owen in the aisle. Rougeau wants Owen to reveal his mystery partner but Owen takes offense to the “stupid” question then vows he has the best partner in the WWF and he will leave as a champion.


The LT video package we saw on Challenge airs.


Shawn Michaels w/ Psycho Sid vs. Adam Bomb 

Pettengill tries to hype up Bomb’s popularity here but the guy is just treading water in this company. Bomb is trying to avenge a loss from last month. Shawn starts off by attacking the arm. Bomb fights back then ends up backdropping Shawn over the top rope to end a reversal sequence. Shawn clutches his lower back as Pettengill notes how Sid went right over to help him out and how much of a factor that would be heading into WrestleMania. Shawn takes his time before getting back into the ring and ends up snapping Bomb’s neck off of the top rope. Shawn heads off of the top with a flying body press but Bomb catches him in a bearhug. Shawn breaks that up with a thumb to the eye but Bomb blocks a suplex and hits one of his own. Sid yells at Bomb as Shawn is in the corner then Bomb starts targeting the back as we go to break. The match returns with Shawn luring Bomb into the corner and yanking him into the turnbuckle. Shawn heads up top but Bomb cuts him off and slams him off for a two count before going back to the bearhug. Ross says it wouldn’t be the worst idea for Shawn to submit and save himself for WrestleMania as the camera pans over the shoulder of Sid. Shawn breaks out gets sent up-and-over in the corner and falls outside. Sid immediately heads over to pick up Shawn then pumps him up and yells at him to get back into the ring. Shawn runs inside and sneak attacks Bomb with a high knee that causes Bomb to go through the ropes. Shawn takes a breather in the corner as Bomb is on the outside struggling to get up. Shawn runs Bomb’s face across the top rope as we go to another break. The match returns with Shawn using mounted punches in the corner. Bomb reverses an Irish whip and skies Shawn with a back drop then runs wild as Shawn takes some great bumps. Bomb hits a side slam for two as Sid put Shawn’s foot on the bottom rope. Bomb heads out and gets in Sid’s face but that allows Shawn to attack from behind. Shawn then rolls Bomb back into the ring and ducks a clothesline before drilling Bomb with a super kick for the win (12:31) **1/2.

Thoughts: Shawn was a one man show here as his bumping made this an entertaining match. They also established Sid as helpful to Shawn by picking him up and even firing him up to go back into the ring. Bomb did nothing at all to stand out with his size and athleticism largely wasted by the company. I mean, Bomb was never a good wrestler but they could have done more with him especially given the lack of talent depth at the time.


WrestleMania III’s attendance is the WrestleMania Moment.


We hear from All-Pro Team members Reggie White and Chris Spielman as they talk about the members of The Corporation they would be going after if they interfere. White after Bundy and Spielman against Tatanka.


The Salt & Pepa in the studio segment airs.


Man Mountain Rock defeats Joe Bievens from the 3/26 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” Howard Finkel introduces Man Mountain Rock before his plays guitar, unlike on Challenge. And Ross plugged WWF signing new talent that he is mentioning on the Superstar Line.


We get an ad for the WWF Fan Festival.


The show closes with a brief video to honor the recently deceased Big John Studd, who they referred to by his actual name John Minton. The graphic even read Minton and he was just 46 years of age. They brought up how he was on the first WrestleMania “ten long years ago.”


Final Thoughts: The featured match was solid and we saw some different production wrinkles with the challenge matches including a longer MoM squash and Owen getting interviewed. Just one week until WrestleMania now, which feels like a one match show.