WWF Wrestling Challenge – March 26th, 1995


March 26, 1995

From the North Charleston Civic Center in North Charleston, SC

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Ted DiBiase


Men on a Mission w/ Oscar vs. Ken Raper & Gary Sabaugh

The announcers talk about Oscar’s apology on behalf of MoM to the Smoking Gunns as we see it on a split screen. DiBiase says MoM found out that nice guys finish last. Mo shoves Raper then tosses him to break a side headlock. DiBiase wants MoM to get rid of Oscar and stop clapping and cheering as Mo continues to work over Raper. DiBiase then tells LT he is one week away from getting beat at WrestleMania. Mabel tags and hits Raper with an avalanche then Mo bulldogs Mabel on top for the win (1:42). After the match, Oscar raps while MoM does some dancing and smirking. Mabel wants the music to stop then says hi to the crowd. He brings up their match to the Smoking Gunns and how they got upset and over zealous after losing a good match. Mabel then said they should not have done what they did and wants the Smoking Gunns to come out so they can make a public apology to them and the good fans of Charleston, SC. The Gunns reluctantly come out and into the ring. Mabel then says they are sorry for what happened and calls The Gunns the greatest Tag Champions of all-time. The crowd cheers for the Gunns as DiBiase groans. Mabel then wishes them luck and MoM offers handshakes. The teams hug and shake hands but MoM attacks and beats them down as DiBiase laughs while Gorilla says he is in disbelief. Oscar wants MoM to stop but Mo tosses him down then Mabe hits a leg drop as DiBiase laughs uncontrollably while Gorilla says this is “ridiculous.” Mabel calls the crowd “Stupid rednecks” and how they do not need them anymore. MoM then raise their hands and leave up the aisle. Mabel then looks into the camera and says they are taking no prisoners on their way to the top.

Thoughts: I don’t think anyone bought the apology as legit seeing as how sarcastic Mabel was being but the turn was still fine and there was nothing left to do with MoM as faces. And according to Mabel in his shoot interview with Pro Wrestling Diaries, this turn was done not for the team but to push him as a heel. And judging what we would see later in this timeline, this certainly seemed correct. I believe this also marked the end of Oscar’s WWF tenure, who was not liked by the other wrestlers as they saw him as “disrespectful” towards the business.


Owen Hart vs. Chris Tipton

DiBiase jokes about giving Oscar a new gift in some luggage which had to have been a shoot comment. DiBiase says he does not have any idea as to who is Owen’s mystery partner as Owen beats down Tipton. Owen stomps a mudhole in Tipton in the corner as DiBiase claims that Kama made a fool out of Steve McMichael on RAW. Owen stays in control as Gorilla hypes the WrestleMania XI public workout in the middle of Times Square in New York City. Owen hits a gutwrench suplex as we hear chants for Bret then he follows with a backbreaker. Tipton fights back as DiBiase talks about wanting LT to show up to the workout but Owen catches Tipton with a back drop then hits a missile dropkick before the Sharpshooter gets the win (2:51).

Thoughts: A quick win for Owen as everyone plays the guessing game as to who will be Owen’s partner at WrestleMania.


Also in action today are Kama, Man Mountain Rock, Jacob & Eli Blue, and Razor Ramon.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. She plugs “Sunday Night Slam” with Lex Luger vs. Tatanka in a steel cage match as we hear comments from both men. Plus, Bob Backlund vs. Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental Title as we hear some both men hyping up that match as well. We also hear a brief comment from Bam Bam Bigelow but it was not mentioned that he was facing Sionne. Wiand also plugs an exclusive interview with Diesel conducted by Vince McMahon.


Man Mountain Rock is playing guitar in the ring.


Man Mountain Rock vs. Joe Bievens

Rock now has red hair that looks like it was colored with red Kool Aid powder. He also has new attire which beats the other pajama-like thing he was wearing. Bievens is not to be confused with short-lived WWF interview Joe Bivens. Rock gets hit but takes down Bievens as the announcers talk about LT/Bigelow. Rock tosses Bievins outside then soon after that uses the Whammy Bar for the win (1:30).

Thoughts: A backdrop to talk about the LT/Bigelow match, which most segments on WWF TV are at the moment to be quite frank. Rock is not connecting with the crowds, however.


We get a video package on the LT/Bigelow feud followed by LT fighting back at the media making fun of pro wrestling.


The clip of Steve McMichael and Kama brawling from RAW is shown.


Kama w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Bob Cook

We hear Gorilla talking about DiBiase possessing The Undertaker’s urn and having no idea how to use it’s powers. Cook tries to fight back but gets booted in the gut. Kama throws some punches that do not resemble something you would see from a trained fighter. Gorilla once again plugs the WrestleMania XI public workout as Kama toys with Cook, who appears legit hurt while clutching his arm Kama was grabbing while punching him so Kama just drops Cook with a kick then talks to DiBiase and just covers for the win despite DiBiase asking him to inflict more punishment (2:04).

Thoughts: It appears that Cook was legit hurt here. They mentioned DiBiase with the urn here but again, zero mention of Undertaker vs. Bundy at WrestleMania. We saw Undertaker beat Henry Godwinn without the urn a month or so ago and he has been gone since for the most part.


An ad for the WWF Fan Festival airs.


WrestleMania XI Report with Todd Pettengill airs.


Salt & Pepa in the studio to hype their appearance at WrestleMania XI.


Jacob & Eli Blu w/ Uncle Zebekiah vs. Chad Byrd & Ray Hudson

DiBiase thinks the Blu’s are championship material. The Blu’s beat on Hudson to start. The announcers talk about Luger vs. Tatanka at Sunday Night Slam as the Blu’s now beat on Byrd as DiBiase says there will be many surprises at WrestleMania XI. The Blu’s stay in control as DiBiase claims to have called that MoM would turn on The Gunns and how he even helped set it up as the spinebuster/leg drop combo get the win for Jacob & Eli (2:30).

Thoughts: Some hype for the Blu’s vs. Luger & Bulldog match at WrestleMania.


Razor Ramon vs. Black Phantom

Gorilla breaks the news of 1-2-3 Kid being in Razor’s corner at WrestleMania XI. Razor shoves Phantom into the corner then the two trade hammerlocks. DiBiase says he will not be here next week so he can help train his men and has a replacement as Gorilla hopes it isn’t Nikolai Volkoff. Razor hits an overhead slam as the announcers talk about the RAW after WrestleMania. Razor stays in control as he grounds and slaps Phantom off the back of the head. Razor stretches out Phantom as the announcers talk about the other celebrities taking part of WrestleMania. Razor hits a super back suplex as DiBiase vows that Bigelow will beat LT at WrestleMania and bring honor, prestige, and notoriety to The Corporation then the Razor’s Edge finishes off Phantom (3:51).

Thoughts: We found out about Kid being in Razor’s corner as its being pushed how pissed that Razor might not get a shot at the Intercontinental Title if Backlund wins at Sunday Night Slam.


The announcers hype up the WrestleMania XI workout with DiBiase demanding LT show up as Gorilla predicts the All-Pro team will also be in attendance.


Final Thoughts: MoM turned so finally we got an exclusive segment of note here but the rest was most hype for WrestleMania XI, which was really at hype for LT/Bigelow as WrestleMania is now just one week away.