Sunday Night Reset: July 5, 2020

I want to start by thanking Oliver Copp himself for pointing me to some sites to upgrade my roster pool.  The NWA Territories mod on TNM UK is a great source for old-time wrestlers.

Tomorrow, we review AJW/JWP Fierce Fighting in the North as the Joshi Boys continue their slow takeover of wrestling.

I’m looking forward to bringing Dark to you on Tuesday as the Featured Bout is Shawn Spears vs Brian Pillman Jr!

But for now, here’s something from my guys at CRAB.  We invade Camden, Delaware as three of our young stars go at it: Dezmon King (seen in the thumbnail), Sledge Gibson (the tall one), and John Washington (the loud one).  And yours truly was asked to dub over commentary from my computer, so I did!

Enjoy the night.