WCW Title Disappearing Act

I didn’t watch many WCW PPVs when Hulk Hogan was the World Champion, so I’ve gone back and watched a handful of them on the Network just to watch something new that’s not directed by Kevin Dunn.

One thing that really stands out is how many shows not only didn’t have a World Title match, but didn’t even feature the champion at all.  This was mostly while Hogan had the title, but I noticed there are also shows when Sting and Goldberg had the title where they are nowhere to be found as well.

Was this a deliberate move to save the champion for the bigger shows or is this just one of those silly “because WCW” things?

In Hogan’s case it’s because he got a cut of the PPV money so they only put him on shows they ABSOLUTELY had to.  If they thought they could draw a number without him, they did.  
With Goldberg it’s because WCW.