Legacy of Corgan’s NWA

Hi Scott,

With NWA suspending its operation and the news of various NWA performers trying to get out of their contracts – i guess it is pretty clear that NWA is probably not coming back any time soon. 
My question is: what is the legacy of Corgan's NWA experiment? What lessons future promoters can learn from it? 

Hope you're doing well.

I think the main lesson is “don’t put Jim Cornette on TV in 2020” but overall it’s a weird situation.  They definitely lost a lot of momentum around December, which I can personally testify to. But they were still doing OK up until Covid-19 killed them off.  I think it can work, as long as you can run and produce TV shows cheaply enough to survive off your money mark’s leftover concert savings.  But it was always going to be a diversion at best for “top” guys like Ken Anderson, and at worst your top prospects were gonna get poached like Ricky Starks.  The sweet spot is guys like Aaron Stevens, Homicide, Eddie Kingston and Question Mark, who don’t have a place on the national shows but can cut promos and do character work.  You can still make that dynamic work and I’d still watch it.