Best of Sting

I’ve never been a Sting fan but am always willing to gain a different perspective. I can’t put him in the top of the conversation of all time wrestlers even though he had longevity, popularity and significance, simply because I never found his ring work that entertaining. 

So in your opinion, what are the best 3-5 Sting matches?  I just cannot remember seeing him get much appreciation over like a 3.5 stars rating, such as the GAB match with Flair review.

If we're discounting all the great matches he had with Vader for the moment, his best match was clearly the Beach Blast brawl with Cactus Jack in 1992, or the Clash 1 match against Flair in 1988.  Plus of course the WarGames matches in 91/92, but those are hardly individual efforts.  Really though, the series he had with Vader in 1992 was incredible, hitting ****1/2 on a regular basis, and you can pick anything from July – December that year and get something great.