WWF Superstars – March 25th, 1995


March 26, 1995

From the Augusta Civic Center in Augusta, GA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jim Ross

We are shown a clip from last week’s show when Tatanka ran out to attack Lex Luger during his match against King Kong Bundy, resulting in the British Bulldog running out for the save, setting up today’s featured match of Bulldog vs. Tatanka


Tatanka w/ Ted DiBiase vs. British Bulldog

DiBiase is holding the urn with him to the ring. Vince then plugs the WWF WrestleMania XI public workout this coming Tuesday in Times Square. Bulldog is also sporting a pony tail here. Tatanka drops Bulldog with an elbow smash and follows with an elbow drop. Bulldog avoids a second elbow drop attempt and takes Tatanka over with a hip toss. Bulldog runs wild and gets a two count after using a snapmare before applying a chin lock. Tatanka bails after getting clotheslined as Vince plugs Tatanka vs, Luger in a cage for “Sunday Night Slam.” Tatanka returns and hammers away as Vince brings up Tatanka singling out Chris Spielman of the All-Pro team. Tatanka taunts the fans but that allows Bulldog to fight back. Bulldog uses a delayed vertical suplex for a two count then puts on another chin lock. Tatanka is able to toss Bulldog outside then follows out and roughs him up before rolling back inside. We go to break then return as Tatanka whips Bulldog into the corner. Tatanka uses a scoop slam then drops an elbow for a two count. Tatanka applies a chin lock as Vince brings up the Steve McMichael/Kama confrontation from RAW and how DiBiase was even shocked. Vince also says we will a replay after this match. Tatanka hits a vertical suplex then heads up top for a flying chop that gets two. Bulldog surprises Tatanka with a rollup for two but Tatanka immediately attacks with chops. Tatanka eats boot on a charge then Bulldog fires away. Bulldog uses a crossbody for a two count then he knocks Tatanka through the ropes. Tatanka now heads up the aisle so Bulldog retrieves him and fires away after Tatanka begged for mercy. Sadly, Bulldog played to the crowd and they did not give a shit. Tatanka keeps rolling outside after getting attacked then has Bulldog chase him around the ring where DiBiase trips up Bulldog, allowing Tatanka to roll inside and get the win via count out (11:28) *1/2.

Thoughts: This was just as lifeless as a Luger vs. Tatanka match. The crowd was absolutely dead for this and just a long, dull backdrop to talk mostly about LT/Bigelow and a little bit about the Luger vs. Tatanka cage match. The finish also made Bulldog look like a goof and the more I see him in this role the more I think Tatanka was one of the worst heels in WWF history.


We see the replay of the McMichael/Kama confrontation from RAW.


WrestleMania XI Report with Todd Pettengill.


A replay of Men on a Mission attacking Smoking Gunns two weeks ago and last week’s apology on their behalf from Oscar.


Smoking Gunns vs. Rip Rogers & Chic Donovan

That’s quite the enhancement talent team for WWF TV. Rogers & Donovan attack from behind as Lawler plugs the Andy Kaufman tribute on NBC airing and how he will be shown slapping him on the David Letterman show. The Gunns fight back as Lawler laughs and claims he knows who is Owen Hart’s mystery partner against The Gunns at WrestleMania. Vince plugs RAW the day after WrestleMania as Rogers and Billy collide in midair. Bart tags in and runs wild as the crowd remains mild then a side slam/leg drop combo on Rogers gets the win (2:13).

Thoughts: The focus was on Owen’s mystery partner in the Tag Team Title match against The Gunns while we also heard Lawler bring up his angle with Andy Kaufman as part of the Kaufman tribute show on NBC.


Stephanie Wiand voices over a graphic reminding us that WrestleMania is just eight days away.


Up next Aldo Montoya vs. Hakushi and Bret Hart receiving a “very special award” from the Japanese Media.


The video of Salt n’ Pepa gushing about Razor Ramon and Bret Hart to hype their appearance at WrestleMania.


Aldo Montoya vs. Hakushi w/ Shinja

Montoya is new attire that Lawler says belongs on GQ, meaning “Geek Quarterly” and I agree. Lawler says that Hakushi must be pissed about Bret Hart getting an award from the Japanese as Vince says the award proves Bret is not racist. Montoya catches Hakushi with a hip toss off of an Irish whip sequence but Hakushi fights back. Hakushi drills Montoya with a thrust kick after using a cartwheel then uses a nerve hold. Montoya uses a sunset flip for two then a few other nearfalls. Hakushi gets dropkicked outside as Shinja is now up on the apron. Hakushi is seen rolling around outside then sneaking behind Montoya for the attack. Hakushi hits a back handspring elbow smash in the corner then hammers away as we go to break. The match returns from break with Hakushi still in control. A flying shoulder tackle gets two then Hakushi applies a chin lock. Montoya escapes and hits a spinebuster then runs wild. Clothesline gets two then Montoya heads up top with a missile dropkick that gets two then he heads back up top and gets hit in midair and after that Hakushi hits a moonsault block for the win (7:40) **1/4.

Thoughts: Some good spots here but again it was another Hakushi match that lacked flow and struggled in the middle. Montoya’s new looks with the braids was really bad but he always tried hard to pump up the crowd and they gave him a little reaction at least which was more than I can say about any other match.


WrestleMania Moment was WrestleMania III breaking the indoor attendance record as they show a clip of Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant, without mentioning them by name. Gorilla did the voiceover and said how this show was a “generation” ago.


A replay of Bob Backlund taking out Barry Horowitz and signing his name on the Intercontinental Title contract to face Jeff Jarrett, which will take place on Sunday Night Slam.


Henry Godwinn vs. Mark Starr 

Vince talks about Godwinn impressing in yet another losing effort this time against Razor Ramon on RAW. Godwinn overpowers Starr as the announcers talk about the Intercontinental Title picture and how Backlund could win and defend the title against Bret at WrestleMania, which will piss off Razor. Godwinn stays in control then hits the Slop Drop for the win (1:39). Vince tells us that next we will see Bret Hart accept the Japanese Media Award.

Thoughts: A brief match served as a backdrop to hype Jarrett vs. Backlund on Sunday Night Slam.


Jim Ross is with four members of the Japanese press to present the award to Bret. Lawler decides to leave the broadcast area and tell something to the press. Ross brings up the accusations of racism by Lawler and my copy of this show unfortunately cuts out but it ended with Hakushi attacking Bret from behind and hitting a moonsault from the interview platform.


Final Thoughts: The show hyped up Sunday Night Slam and WrestleMania but the featured match was crap and the rest of the action forgettable as WrestleMania is just eight days away.