What to do with Shayna?

Since they bungled Baszler's main roster debut so badly, it would appear that now Creative Has Nothing For Her. Since they're taking the women's tag titles seriously this week, I think a decent enough idea would be for Shayna, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir to win the belts and Freebird it up. Can Duke and Shafir even work at that level?

My other idea was once Bayley and Sasha finally break up to make Shayna Bayley's tag partner/muscle and to call them Baszley.

Duke and Shafir definitely cannot work at that level.  The Baszler thing is doubly disappointing because she's already past what would be considered her prime years, and they spent YEARS with her in NXT for no reason, put her over top people at Survivor Series to groom her for a big debut, and then just had her lose to Becky at Wrestlemania and now that appears to be it.