What about the Demos!!!

Poor Jericho, first his segment last week got destroyed in the ratings as the lowest ever for Dynamite and then NXT beat them again this week. Not to mention Sasha and Bayley's segment beat his two weeks, which Sasha trolled him about and of course he couldn't help but respond. Are we one more NXT ratings win away from Chris melting down Angle style on twitter like when he was in TNA? 

Wait, has the last two weeks actually cemented AEW as TNA 2.0? TNA had some original ideas and great home grown talents, then started bringing in all the ex-wwe guys, switched to Mondays to compete with WWE, had solid ratings to start and then spiraled out of control. Should we start talking about when Vince is going to buy them and which stars he will keep? Would that acquisition include your blog? Will you have to lower your standards and actually have to go back to reviewing Raw/Smackdown? Imagine the Horror!

Seriously though, Jericho needing graphs to prove moral victories was a sad sight to see. And why can't AEW avoid the shots at WWE, it makes them look 2nd rate. Clearly Taz is butt hurt about never getting called back for anything and Matt Hardy has hurt feelings they didn't want to push a guy with multiple personalities but none of those who can barely walk. It just seems a bit desperate like they are trying to be noticed. Has WWE made any references to AEW yet? Yes they have done counter programming but who wouldn't when a new company starts coming at you and poking you. Yeah their demos are strong some weeks but clearly without these hotshot PPV level shows they are basically TNA before they got kicked off Spike. And poor Mox, love the guy but Eric Young as Impact champion moved the needle more than him. Clearly Russo can save them right?


Dixie Carter ( OH no can I even still call myself dixie?)

4 out of 10.  You peaked with the Seth Rollins one that first time and you’ve been chasing the troll dragon ever since.