Punk Triple Crown

So when the fans can return to live events the popular promotions aside from the E will need something big to reinvest fan interest immediately. I’m biased, I am a Punk fan, & this is an ambitious idea but that’s what’ll be needed yes? How about just to hit the ground running…..RoH, NJPW & AEW let Punk be a Triple Crown Champion? All 3 World Titles at once, say 3-4 months. It would draw eyes from every promotion & it’s something that hasn’t been seen in forever. AEW, RoH & NwA? AEW, NwA & MLW? Punk’s the last crown jewel of the AEW scene & a return after such a long absence would light a fire. Under a new promotion Punk v Moxley, Jericho & Rhodes is a fresh dynamic. Fresh matchups…..

Punk v MJF

Punk v Scurll

Punk v Cassidy

Punk v Omega

Punk v Cage

Could be a major kickstart pro wrestling needs once fans return. Too far fetched? Someone else instead of Punk? AEW / NJPW / RoH / MLW / NwA / IMPACT / AAA…..What say you Keith?

Punk couldn't even get people to watch Backstage on FS1.