Weekend Morning Shows

Hey Scott,

I wrote a few ECW Hardcore TV reviews a few years back, and have several of your books, which are all great. Keep doing what you do, the way the media is, I can't even turn on Sports center anymore.

Anyway, this email isn't just to give you praise. Going back and reading Bayless's excellent Challenge/Action Zone stuff, I was wondering why the WWE didn't bring back Saturday and Sunday morning wrestling when it went to PG. Since it's mostly watched by kids, it wouldn't matter to them that there were squash's and they had all been taped a month ago.

I think the WWE really missed the boat on this, because the majority of us who watched on Saturday, watched Monday when we got older. 

A miss or WWE doesn't care about capturing the youth that will eventually be young men with disposable income?

Keep up the great sh*t, pal.
They tried it a few years back and it really didn't do very well.  But the problem now is definitely that there's no easy point of entry for new fans, especially young ones.  It's kind of insane that you literally need to follow FIVE HOURS of TV shows every week in order to properly “be a fan”.  Stuff like Superstars and Main Event is still out there, but you have to subscribe to the Network to watch it and thus you're probably already indoctrinated into the WWE Universe(tm) if you know where to watch them.