Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #375 – 01/07/2000

Hello You!

We’ve got Scotty Anton Vs Rob Van Dam, Rhino Vs Sandman and Justin Credible Vs Tommy Dreamer all set for Heatwave on the 16th of July. Let’s see if we get some more build up on this week’s episode of Hardcore TV!

This week’s matches are taped from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Calling the action is Joey Styles

We open up with Rhino cutting a promo saying he’s done with The Sandman and at the pay per view he’s going to leave him lying in his own urine and excrement. Well, what a lovely way to get us started, thanks Rhino!

Joey is in front of the ECW Banner, where he says we have exclusive matches that you won’t see over on TNN. It’s Steve Corino Vs Kid Kash in our Main Event.

Opening Match
EZ Money and Julio Fantastico w/ Chris Hamrick Vs Nova and Chris Chetti

Julio would go on to get a new surname of Dinero I believe due to his association with Money and Hamrick. Nova and the new bleached blond Chetti get a shine on the heels in the early going, as the lighting is pretty terrible here. Hamrick eventually distracts Chetti and that allows Money to cut him off with the Buckshot Lariat, leading to the heat segment. Julio had a decent physique and athleticism, but very little in the way of poise or stage presence at this point in his career, but Money makes up of his lack of it by showing out a lot.


Back from the ads, Chetti catches Julio with a Blue Thunder Driver and then makes the tag to Nova, who runs wild on the heels with punches of all things. The match breaks down with everyone going at it in the ring, with Hamrick getting involved to cause Nova to get crotched on the top rope. Julio goes for a moonsault on Chetti, but Chetti moves and Nova gets a Swanton Bomb to give Chetti two when Money breaks it up. The Tidal Wave follows on Money and that’s enough for the win.

RATING: **1/2

Good energy to this one with some nice moves thrown in for good measure. A decent TV opener.

We get clips from the TNN show, where Sinister Minister is sitting in the corridor when Mikey comes over to tell him to check what’s going on in a room. Sadly the dubbing of the music makes the audio all but un-hearable. Minister fobs Mikey off for a bit but finally takes a look to see Gorgeous George/Stephanie Bellars dancing and looking hot. Even Minister is taken aback and sells it big. Mikey even adds an “Ohhhhhhhhh Yeah” for good measure (Due to Bellars being Randy Savage’s ex-girlfriend)

Joey almost instantly plugs that they have pictures of George on the ECW website. Did they have anything ELSE besides scantily clad pictures of the women on that website?

Lou E. Dangerously is in a stairwell with CW Anderson and Bill Wiles. Lou E says they are the best tag team in ECW. Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger are coming down the stairs and Wiles makes fun of them, so Simon and Swinger attack him. CW doesn’t help his partner for whatever reason and walks off. Simon hits Wiles in the arm with a chair.

Raven cuts a promo on Scotty Anton from what looks to be a storage closet. Raven recaps that Anton was a member of his Flock in WCW and that Anton will find only darkness when they face each other at an upcoming ECW Arena show.

Joey ponders why CW didn’t help Wiles and sends to the ring.

Match Two
CW Anderson and Bill Wiles w/ Lou E. Dangerously and Elektra Vs Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger w/ The Prodigy, Prodigette, The Musketeer and Mitch Vs Danny Doring and Roadkill

CW is now working as a team with Wiles and shows Simon no mercy, despite not caring earlier on about what he did. This one is organised chaos with no tags and everyone just going at it. It’s a bit of a precursor to the Scramble matches that ROH would go on to do. Wiles’ arm is all taped up due to the prior attack, and it hinders him in getting stuff done, as I’m really struggling to work out whether we’re supposed to feel sympathy for him or not.Wiles tries to hit Doring with Lou E’s big 80’s styled mobile phone, but hits CW instead, so CW spine busters him in respond, allowing Doring and Roadkill to put Wiles away with The Buggy Bang.

CW destroys everyone before leaving, even including the seconds and managers. That’s sure one way to try and put someone over strong. I’m thinking ECW realised they were light on upper mid-card guys so they decided to make CW look like a beast in the effort he’d generate some steam. Simon and Swinger go on to have Doring pinned, but The Musketeer ends up distracting the ref by accident, which allows Doring and Roadkill to recover and make a comeback. Musketeer makes up for it by assisting Swinger in knocking Roadkill off the top rope through a table. Simon and Swinger then get Doring with a 3-D like move except Swinger does a DDT instead of a cutter (I believe it would go on to be called “The Problem Solver”) and that’s enough for the three count.


An absolute mess, but an entertaining one at least and it’s good that they are trying to build up Simon and Swinger with some wins.

We get clips from TNN, where Francine was supposed to wrestle Jazz, but she tries to worm her way out of it. They do the old Raven/Beulah/Luna angle by having Justin Credible attack Jazz. Tommy Dreamer runs down to make the save however and this turns things into an inter-gender tag match. Dreamer delivers the vaginal claw to Francine at one stage in a less than PG moment. Jazz follows up by clocking Credible right in the Montoya’s to allow Dreamer to deliver a TKO for the three count. Jazz tries bringing down barbed wire following the bout, but Steve Corino and Jack Victory (HIGH SPOT) stop that and this allows Credible to do a heel beat down. I’m not sure Justin Credible of all Champions should be doing jobs in non-Title matches. He already looks like a weak Champion and stuff like this doesn’t help. All the post-match attacks in the world aren’t going to offset doing a bunch of job, something you would hope they would have learned from the way they booked Credible and Lance Storm as a team the previous year.

Jazz cuts a promo in the locker room where she targets Francine. It’s not a bad promo actually.

Justin Credible and Francine cut a backstage promo on Sandman, as Credible is facing him for the belt next week (On TNN I assume?)

Main Event
Steve Corino w/ Jack Victory Vs Kid Kash

This is I believe the arena where Tajiri left Corino a broken bloody mess in an absolute war, so I’m betting Corino is hoping for a better outcome this evening. Corino does his old school heel antics in the early going, trying to cheat and taking big bumps for Kash when the opportunity presents itself. Kash gets to shine on Corino for a bit, as it’s clear they’ve been given a bit of time to tell a story here and they’re doing a good job pacing it all. Corino bails to the floor to regroup with Victory, so Kash dives out onto both of them to pop the crowd, and then continues to beat Corino up out on the floor.

Corino is doing a lot to make Kash look good here, and he’s selling everything really well. The crowd are into Kash as a result, and should hopefully get good and angry when Corino starts working some heat. Corino manages to catch Kash with a powerslam out of nowhere for the cut off and Victory adds a cheap shot for good measure, which allows Corino to work some heat. In a really nasty looking spot, Victory drops Kash knee first on the railings. That did not look like it was fun to take, hopefully it wasn’t as painful as it looked. Part of me thinks it might have been a mistake, as Corino doesn’t really target the leg back inside and Kash doesn’t really sell it much either, so it probably wasn’t the plan and things just went awry.

Kash is eventually able to mount a comeback and gets a very nice cross body block after running up the ropes in the corner. Kash looks to have it won but Victory provides a distraction, which allows Corino to get a roll up for two. Both men trade pinning holds with neither getting the three and they eventually pay homage to the IC Title match from WrestleMania III, as Kash counters a body slam into a cradle for the upset win.


Good match as they were given time to tell a story and teased the big downer Corino win via chicanery only to go in the other direction to give Kash the win.

We get a very TNA styled ending to the show, as Kash just rolls out of the ring and the show fades to black with no follow up.

In Conclusion

Good episode of the show this week, as I enjoyed all the matches and they are really trying to make this Credible Vs Dreamer Main Event at Heatwave seem important by giving it some build. They are kind of undercutting that hype by having Credible doing a job of course, but they’re trying at least. Thumbs up this week!