new era of hidden gems and lost matches

So with the past couple of years, lets say NXT coming in there own and NJPW getting more noticed and accsessable, the amount of great-to-amazing matches every year is getting more and more it seems. Before the internet and the network, tape trading was the way to see Flair/Bret title change classic, or that Liger/Pillman home video match you had in your original “Best WCW matches of the 90's” piece. And everyone remembers the Flair/Steamboats and Bret/Owen classics.  Personally UT/Shawn WM25, the No Mercy 02 tag, WM 17 Multi classics, i remember all of them so vividly and re-watch them all the time.  Now…. theres so much i'm starting to forget instant classics all together. Holy shit i forgot how great Rollins & Ambrose vs. Ziggler & Mcintyre is. Gargano/Ciampa at takeover New orleans is still on my all time list with surrounding story, but i feel like its going to be some time before i watch the 2 re-matches(cinematic match never again). Same with gargano/Cole trilogy. Koto Ibushi had  phenomoal matches in the CWC and if they happened 10-15 years ago, i think we'd be talking about them every year. I am not complaining about the amount of outstanding matches we have at our fingertips now.  But it has gone from randomly seeing  the diamond in the rough in a sucky/ok card (some IYH shows come to mind), to now it takes a lot to stand out in a certain month, week, show. Is it possible for over-saturation? The Stadium Stampede will live on forever but Jungle Boy & MJF had a helluva match that may get lost in the shuffle. Keep up the good work and Stay safe to you and your family.

It's definitely a case of great matches getting lost in the shuffle.  Makes it really overwhelming at times.