Bruno/Piper at WM 2

Reading your Best of Bruno review and he was regularly wrestling in mid to late 85/early 86. He was in the WrestleMania 2 Chicago Battle Royal. Since he was feuding with Piper in Oct 85, why not main event the NY/LI section of WM 2 with a Piper/Bruno blowoff?

If Mr. T had to get involved, make it a 6-man Bruno/Orndorff/T vs. Piper/Orton/Muraco. Would’ve been better than the crap we got from T and Piper amirite?!

I don’t think Bruno would have had any interest in getting himself over at that point or working WM.   His run was mostly for David’s benefit.  That being said, I forget when David left, but he might have been up for Sammartinos vs Piper and Orton. 
But yeah, Piper vs Bruno in that setting would have been amazing.