Best Era to Make Money as a Wrestler

Hey Scott.


When would you say would be the best era to make money as wrestler? Currently, guys have guaranteed deals but in the mid to late 90’s you had guaranteed deals with a chance of getting extra money from PPV’s. Or, could you make the best of things in the 80’s where you got a piece of the gate and could enjoy being on a card with a Flair or Hogan?


Thank you!

The Attitude Era years were the gravy train for everyone.  Guaranteed contracts with both sides playing off each other, and then video game and merchandise money out the wazoo for midcarders on top of that, AND house shows headlined by Steve Austin and the Rock that were drawing big paydays.  Plus PPV money.  Hell, even minor stars were milking it for years afterwards with appearances at indy shows and autograph signings based on the name they made for themselves on either side of the Monday Night Wars.