Best 4 week build to PPV blowoff

Hey Scott,

Since WCW/WWF took on monthly PPVs there have been lots of angles contained within a PPV build cycle of roughly a month just to make it to a PPV ending. Which has been the most effective (as in, a month long angle that drew by some measurement) or most memorable (angles that any fan remembers/would like to forget)?

Cena vs. Returning Brock at Extreme Rules was it for me. Intensity (the pull apart brawl with Cena getting busten open), awesome pre taped promo with Brock (the What's running down Cena's leg one), meme potential with Brock cutting the worst contract signing promo ever. And then the match, whatever you think of the ending, one of the most unique matches in an era of interchangeable matches. What say you? 

I'm gonna go with Mark Henry's “retirement” interview and subsequent match with John Cena.  Just a great one-off title program.