WWF Action Zone – March 19th, 1995


March 19, 1995

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Todd Pettengill

This week’s featured match is Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Doink as we get a hype video for the match. with Bigelow telling Lawrence Taylor that he is next.


British Bulldog defeats Chic Donovan in a match first shown on the 3/19 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


We get a replay of Men on a Mission attacking Smoking Gunns after losing the match. This is followed by an apology from “earlier today” by Oscar.


WrestleMania Moment of Roddy Piper extinguishing Morton Downey from WrestleMania V.


Mantaur defeats Bob Hayes in a match first shown on the 3/19 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


We get a clip of Bigelow yelling at LT and Diesel, saying Diesel could never train LT to beat him. After that we hear from LT as he talks about how he does not know how to wrestle but knows how to brawl and how Diesel also knows how to brawl and he will be fighting at WrestleMania. They were smart to cut up the press conferences into soundbytes and to use in shows building up to the PPV.


An ad for the WWF Fan Festival airs.


New Headshrinkers defeat Brooklyn Brawler & Barry Horowitz in a match first shown on the 3/19 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Clip of Bob Backlund laying out Horowitz this past Monday on RAW and signing his name on the contract to face Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental Title.


We are shown a clip of Shawn Michaels beating Adam Bomb on “Superstars” one month ago then a hype video for the second match as they will face off next week. The tone of the video really made Bomb come off like a goof, especially since he lost clean as a sheet in about 5 minutes the last time they met.


Shawn Michaels defeat Charlie Hunter . After the match, Raymond Rougeau tries to interview Shawn & Sid and Shawn tells him he does not need a bodyguard to win matches as he wins his own matches. Let’s keep that in mind going forward.


The interrogation ad with Nicholas Turturro, Paul Bearer, and Mr. Fuji airs.


Now, the hosts go over WrestleMania XI. We hear from Reggie White as he talks about finally getting the chance on the same team with LT in the WWF. White then talks about respecting all of his All-Pro teammates. Ross also tells us that on RAW, Steve McMichael will make his broadcasting debut. Lots of hype for the All-Pro team too, not just LT.


Doink the Clown w/ Dink vs. Bam Bam Bigelow w/ The Corporation

Volkoff is present hear with The Corporation. IRS is not here, however, but Ross assures us he will be at WrestleMania. The crowd taunts Bigelow by chanting for LT then Doink grabs a waist lock. Bigelow grabs the ropes to break as we get Doink with a serious look on his face. Doink leads the crowd into more LT chants but ends up getting clotheslined soon thereafter. Doink avoids a falling headbutt then slides outside and trips up Bigelow with a disttraction from dink. Doink then tries for a top rope sunset flip and finally gets him over for two after Dink bit his fingers. Bigelow runs over Doink as Kama chases Dink through the curtain. Doink trips up Bigelow and works the arm as Ross says that Reggie White is not intimidated by King Kong Bundy. Doink gets another nearfall then we go to commercial and returns with Bigelow hitting a suplex for a two count. Bigelow now grabs a chin lock until Doink breaks it up with a stunner. Bigelow comes back with a clothesline for two then goes back to the chin lock. Doink escapes and hits a back suplex as both men are down. They get up and collide then Doink runs wild and gets a nearfall with a crossbody. Scoop slam gets two. Doink now heads to the middle rope but Bigelow swats a dropkick then uses a powerslam for the win (9:59) **. After the match, The Corporation stands on the apron as Bigelow gets in the three-point stance and runs over Doink. Bigelow then talks trash about LT into the camera.

Thoughts: The match was decent enough with Doink not as goofy as usual. And these two guys were friends in real life. I did like the end with Bigelow talking trash in the camera but Doink was far too low on a card at the moment to be considered as any type of threat.


Final Thoughts: The featured match was alright and the rest was hype for the top two matches at WrestleMania and most of that was focused on Bigelow/LT. Next week is Bomb/Michaels and even more focus on WrestleMania XI.