This pedestal wrestlers put Undertaker on

There are certainly instances where WWE and the wrestling industry as a whole can exhibit some cultish like attributes, but I could never really wrap my head around this enormous pedestal wrestlers seem to put the Undertaker on.  They'd do these roundtable discussions where people like JBL will say, with no hint of exaggeration or insincerity, that losing to the Undertaker meant more than beating others.  And then, most recently, Lance Storm on Twitter suggested that WWE promote Undertaker's eventual Hall of Fame induction for WrestleMania, and that Undertaker's “final entrance would draw more than any main event match.”

I understand he's respected, but it always struck me as odd how a guy who never really consistently put on great matches or consistently put people over has been so universally fawned by everybody…..even those who were in the industry before him.  So what's the deal?  Even if it is legitimate respect, it just seems strange that nobody else gets anywhere near this level of praise.

You got me.  Especially given that he wasn't particularly a team player himself for years and years.  Wrestlers look at things differently than fans, obviously.