New Horsemen in AEW?

Since FTR debuted in AEW, they haven't been shy about making connections to Arn & Tully, then this week Dax throws up the 4-fingers during their match and the announce team brings up Tully Blanchard scouting them specifically (which they obviously showed two weeks earlier).

Wondering if they are planning to align Shawn Spears and Tully with those guys. Let's say they go down that route as a first step… basically building a stable that leans on “fists not flips”, wouldn't it be interested to finish off the subtle Cody heel turn that's likely coming by having him turn on the Elite with he and Arn finishing off the group? Opens up a lot of natural opponents with storytelling options. Plus when the group inevitably gets tired of Cody's “Caesar” act, they'll can get a whole program turning him back into sympathetic babyface up against the odds.

Part of me says such a stable would be a little derivative but I do like the idea of another group for the Elite to feud with as they disintegrate slowly. Thoughts?
Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure Cody is going on full on psychopath pretty soon and breaking away from the Elite because they're not worshipping him enough. They've been planting the seeds for a while now.  I don't know about Spears being involved, but Cody, Dustin and FTR as the group managed by Arn and Tully?  That works.