BoD Pandemic Apocalypse Reading Recommendations?

Hey, Scott:

Hope you and the family are doing well and staying safe and sound. Couple of quick questions:

(1) I just watched the “Superman: Red Son” movie on DC Universe. I loved it, so I read the comic book(s). I loved it more! Can you or the BoD recommend any other “Elseworld”, alternate timeline, “What If…?” stories that are worth a read?

(2) On the subject of reading, are there any “off the beaten path” wrestling autobiographies that you or the little doomers can recommend? Something not from the WWE imprint, but still chock full of “good shit”.

Thanks, man.

1.  Yes!  All Star Superman is balls out great.  Gotham by Gaslight was the original Elseworlds story and it's a favorite of many.  I really enjoyed the Marvel 1492 stories, although quality levels varied wildly.  As a huge Deadpool fan, I also enjoyed the various “Deadpool Kills [x] Portion of the Universe”.  And although I hated Flashpoint, some of the associated spinoff series were pretty great, like the Batman one where Thomas Wayne became the superhero instead.  
2.  Yeah, I really liked the Bob Holly autobiography, for example.  If you want a wacky one, try the free PDF downloadable books from JTG called “Why Did I Write This Book” and “Why Did I Write This Book Too”.  It's a side of the business you don't usually hear much from.  And there's some cool stories about Shad Gaspard in there, too.  Also, I haven't read it yet because I just got in the mail yesterday, but the author of “Owen Hart: King of Pranks” sent me a copy and I'm looking forward to checking it out.  
I also have the Al Snow and Hornswoggle biographies sitting in my review pile because Ross Williams was nice enough to send them my way and I SWEAR TO TONY KHAN I will read them someday, I promise.  But not today.