What the World Was Watching: USWA Championship Wrestling – May 13, 1995

Dave Brown and Corey Maclin are today’s announcers.  The show airs from the WMC-TV5 studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

Brown interviews Jimmy Harris, who says Doug Gilbert does not want to face USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee today because he does not want to get hurt.

Maclin interviews Brickhouse Brown and Uptown Karen.  Brown says he takes care of Karen when Downtown Bruno is away.  He laments Sweet Georgia Brown’s recent face turn.

Opening Non-Title No Disqualification Contest:  Miss Texas (USWA Women’s Champion) (9-3) beats Uptown Karen (w/Brickhouse Brown) (1-3) after an elbow drop at 3:34:

Just like last week, an awful match develops between these two.  Karen goes on the attack early after throwing powder in Texas’ eyes and her offense is atrocious.  Texas’ comeback is helped by J.C. Ice neutralizing Brown, giving room for Texas to slam Karen and land an elbow drop for the victory.  Why book a no disqualification match if nothing takes advantage of the stipulation?  Rating:  DUD

Brown interviews Doug Gilbert, the winner of the round robin tournament in Memphis to get a Southern Heavyweight title shot.  Gilbert tells the crowd that he plans to win the title today.

USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee comes out for an interview and urges Gilbert to step down.  Gilbert refuses.

USWA Southern Heavyweight Championship Match:  Doug Gilbert (4-2-1) pins Brian Lee (Champion w/Jimmy Harris) (6-3-1) after a schoolboy roll up at 5:13:

The crowd is divided in who to cheer for in this heel versus heel match.  Gilbert cheats better, fighting out of a long chinlock, bailing, telling Lee that he regrets facing him, and then shaking his hand when he re-enters the ring.  When Lee turns his back, Gilbert pushes him into Harris and schoolboys the champion to win the title in a small upset.  That is a funny finish in keeping with Gilbert’s character.  Rating:  *½

After the bell, Lee and Harris beat down Gilbert.  The battle spills into the parking lot, where the attack continues.

Brian Christopher stops by for his weekly interview with Brown.  Christopher blames Bill Dundee for costing him the recent round robin tournament in Memphis, which is why he attacked Dundee when they faced PG-13.  He hypes a grudge match between the two since they are hardly strangers at this point in the year.  After a while, Dundee makes his way out and they go back to the old versus young promo shtick they were doing months ago.  After Dundee tells Christopher he does not want to be his tag team partner in the future they brawl until USWA officials break it up.

Brian Christopher (20-9-2) pins the Shadow after a superkick at 1:18:

This follows the formula of a ticked off Christopher beating up a jobber that we saw a couple of months ago when Christopher was feuding with Dundee.  The superkick makes short work of the jobber.

Christopher comes back to the announce table and calls out Wolfie D.  Wolfie D obliges and Christopher proposes a match where he teams with Wolfie against Dundee and a partner of his choice, with the winner facing Owen Hart and Yokozuna at a later date for the WWF Tag Team Championship.  Wolfie refuses since he already has a tag team partner, but Christopher insists and says that J.C. Ice is holding him back.  J.C. Ice and Dundee interrupt, with Dundee saying that they will team up against Christopher and Wolfie.  Dundee runs down Wolfie as Christopher cheers him on.  This is a fun way to build to a match in Memphis, but the segment started running out of momentum by the end.

After the commercial break, Ice tells Brown that blood is thicker than water.  Dundee cuts another promo about teaming with his son.

Bill Dundee & J.C. Ice beat the Gambler & Brickhouse Brown (2-5) via disqualification when Gorgeous George III interferes at 3:03:

Sadly, this main event barely gets going.  Dundee and Ice get an early shine by double teaming the Gambler until he avoids an Ice dropkick for a small heat segment.  Once Dundee gets the hot tag all hell breaks loose until George interferes.  Since the Gambler was being phased out, it would not have hurt to have Dundee and Ice go over here to further build to the Memphis match against Brian Christopher and Wolfie D.  Rating:  ¾*

After the bout, Dundee nails Wolfie D who runs down to help fend off George.  The show ends with Christopher coming to the ring and trying to get Wolfie to fight Dundee and Ice.

The Last Word:  The PG-13 angle was creative in that it turns the champions against each other without permanently breaking up the team.  However, the USWA overexposed Bill Dundee on this show by giving him too many promo segments.  The Brian Lee experiment is probably coming to an end too as his title loss will pave the way for Gilbert to defend the title in the future against Brian Christopher, who is probably getting it back sooner rather than later.

Here were the results of the May 15 show at the Memphis Coliseum.  According to prowrestlinghistory.com, 1,100 fans attended the show, 400 fewer than the previous week.  The gate was $6,800:

-Gorgeous George III (8-10-1) beat Tony Williams (2-0)

-David Haskins (5-1-2) beat Johnny Rotten (1-1-1) via disqualification

-The Gambler (1-1) beat Jeff Gaylord via disqualification

-USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Doug Gilbert (5-2-1) wrestled Wolfie D (5-1-1) to a no contest

-J.C. Ice, Miss Texas & Sweet Georgia Brown defeated Brickhouse Brown, Uptown Karen & Susan Sapphire in a “back alley street fight” match

-Bill Dundee (13-8) beat Brian Christopher (21-9-2) via disqualification

-Bill Dundee & J.C. Ice (1-0) beat Brian Christopher & Wolfie D (1-0) to earn a future match against WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Yokozuna

-Doug Gilbert & Tommy Rich (8-5-1) wrestled Brian Lee & Jimmy Harris to a double disqualification

Breaking News*:         Tommy Rich’s appearance in Memphis was a one-shot deal because he is working for the rival Ozark Mountain promotion in Arkansas.  There were fears that he would no show because Ozark officials were not happy that the Memphis version of USWA Championship Wrestling said Rich was “breaking his prior commitments” in order to appear.  Rich did show up late on Monday, which is why the tag team match featuring he and Doug Gilbert against Brian Lee and Jimmy Harris went on last.

*Downtown Bruno was not at the latest television show because he was at the last Boston Garden show with the WWF.

*WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Yokozuna are scheduled to appear in Memphis on May 29.

*Backstage news provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for May 22 and 29.

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