Rewarded for bad behavior policy for WWE?

Hey Scott,

I've noticed a pattern of WWE wrestlers doing or saying shitty things but end up getting pushed anyways, and they rarely get called out on it. 

I can go back to Seth Rollins being a prick in real life and had that rash of dickish behavior online last year but kept getting pushed into his title reign. You also have Lars Sullivan being outed for being a racist piece of shit but despite some “sensitivity training” they proceeded with his push until his injury. Then, you have Braun Strowman who's said some horrible and idiotic things on his social media earlier this year just for him to end up with the world title reign.  Now, you have Matt Riddle. He's gone out of his way to be a piece of shit to Lesnar and especially Goldberg, but HHH actually was on record saying he had no problem with that. So he kept getting pushed in NXT.  It wasn't as egregious as the other examples until it's been discovered that WWE has apparently known about the sexual allegations against him for a while.  Yet, here he is, jumping to Smackdown and putting him over AJ Styles.  What in the actual fuck? Why are they rewarding bad behavior like this? Does character mean nothing to them?
I bet Lars doesn't feel like he got “rewarded” for his behavior.  Also I'm pretty sure that Lesnar and Goldberg don't need WWE protecting them from big bad Matt Riddle hurting their feelings.  As for the allegations, WWE was aware of them when they signed Riddle and nothing's come of them yet, so I'm not sure what you want them to do.  
Also the idea that “character” has ever meant anything in wrestling is LAUGHABLE.  Come on, man.