Friday Night Party Thread: June 26, 2020

We made it, finally.

So by all accounts today we learned that Vince McMahon is essentially Mr. Burns, but real.  He’s putting his roster at risk because he feels content is his God-Given Calling to the world.  I… yeah, if anyone wants to watch SmackDown and hope it triggers a light bulb in Vince to cut back on original content, go for it.

WrestleCrap for this week is up: Armed And Famous!  How did I never hear of this train wreck?  My GOSH, it sounds amazing.  Basically, imagine Erik Estrada as an actual cop.  With LaToya Jackson, Jack Osbourne, the dwarf from Jackass, and Trish Stratus as the only sane person in the group.  It’s every bit as stupid as it sounds, but at least they helped clean up the mean streets of (checks notes) Muncie, Indiana.  FUN FACT: Muncie’s Congressman at the time? Mike Pence.

IWTV is running a BattlArts mega-block all night from 8PM to like 2AM.  So there’s alternatives.

All right, guys, we went over the rules.  I expect you to listen to the moderator’s instructions at all times.  I want a good, clean thread.  Now touch gloves, go to your keyboards, and come out posting.