Kurt Angle’s Bi-Polar Awesomeness

Hey Scott—

Just got done with Botchamania 413, and one of the stingers at the end uses the hilarious segment where Kurt Angle sang “Sexy Kurt” with Sherri in the build to his WM match with Shawn.

It got me thinking: has anyone in the history of wrestling been able to transition between lovable goofy dork and “I’ll break your fucking ankle, Rock!” seriousness better than Kurt Angle?

Other than the Matt Borne version of Doink, naturally. 

HHH is really good at playing both sides of that coin as well.  I wouldn't say he's in Angle's league in either category or as a worker, but he can do goofy DX comedy and then turn around and become Serious Main Eventer Hunter pretty damn quick, like when he turned on Shawn in 2002.