Hi Scott, hope you’re well and safe.


So, Renee Young has tested positive for Covid-19 (hope she gets well soon)… and it all starts to fall into place.


Young is married to the AEW Champion, Jon Moxley, who debuted in WWE as part of the SHIELD.


SHIELD-ing is what people with pre-existing conditions have to do in this current GLOBAL pandemic.


GLOBAL force wrestling was a creation of Jeff Jarrett’s. Jarrett’s other famous creation was With My Baby TONIGHT.


TONIGHT TONIGHT is a song written by NWA owner Billy Corgan.


The NWA were the major enemies of TRUMP bootlicker Vince McMahon, who’s major nosebleed they inflicted on him was the scheduling of Clash of Champions against Wrestlemania 4 at TRUMP Plaza.

TRUMP’s major vow is to make AMERICA great (details of how unavailable at this point).


Lex Luger is the AMERICAN Original


Is this all therefore a ploy to go back in time to ensure that Luger wins at Summerslam 1993?


You really put in the work for that one.  However, the Trump line should have ended “(Citation needed)” for full points.