WWF Superstars – March 18th, 1995

March 18, 1995

From the William Bell Auditorium in Augusta, GA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler

The show starts off with a clip of Men on a Mission attacking The Smoking Gunns after their match last Sunday on the “Action Zone.”

Today’s featured match is Lex Luger vs. King Kong Bundy


Tom Prichard w/ Jim Cornette vs. Adam Bomb

Bomb shoves Prichard into the corner to start. They trade arm wringers then Bomb catches Prichard with a slam. Prichard begs in the corner and talks with Cornette before offering a handshake. Prichard lands some shots in the corner but gets skied with a back drop as Vince talks about The Heavenly Bodies facing The Smoking Gunns for the Tag Team Titles next week on RAW. Cornette jumps up onto the apron to distract Bomb and Prichard attacks from behind. Prichard drops Bomb with a knee lift for two then starts hammering away. Prichard stays in control but Bomb blocks a monkey flip in the corner. Bomb then heads up and Prichard cuts him off and tries for a superplex but Bomb tosses him off then hits a flying clothesline for the win (4:36) *1/4.

Thoughts: Not much of a match really and no idea why Prichard was sacrificed here in short order considering The Bodies had a Tag Team Title match on RAW Monday night while Bomb is not doing a single thing of note at the moment.


We now see Vince interviewing Diesel from Titan Towers inside of the studio with the British Bulldog vs. Shawn Michaels match from RAW in the background. Diesel then attempts some humor by pretending to be an air traffic controller. Vince asks Diesel about Psycho Sid as Diesel credits Shawn for doing it again. Vince then asks Diesel if there is a better athlete in the WWF than Shawn. Diesel says Bret is the best technician but Shawn stands alone when it comes to pure athleticism. Vince goes back to Sid and the dimension he brings to the match as Diesel puts over Sid’s size and strength. Vince now talks about Shawn & Sid stooping to any depth possible to win as Diesel knows this and will be ready by also doing whatever it takes. He can dish out what he takes as Vince wishes him luck then Diesel goes back to making Vince laugh by playing pretend air traffic controller. The “comedy” here was dumb but Diesel was at least charismatic enough to pull it off. Its really not much better than what Roman Reigns had to work with but Diesel is more charismatic and able to pull it off better. Anyway, they really played up the Sid dynamic while making sure to tell us that Shawn is the most athletic performer in the company to give him another edge heading into the title match.


We see Shawn Michaels & Pamela Anderson again. Shawn says his waistline is just as good as hers but will get a little bit bigger after WrestleMania when the belt is around his waist.


Well Dunn w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. Jacob & Eli Blue w/ Uncle Zebekiah

Vince talks about Pamela looking like she wants no part of Shawn. The announcers talk about Jacob & Eli facing Luger & Bulldog at WrestleMania. Jacob beats on Well to start. Well fights back then tags out but Jacob beats on Dunn for a bit. Eli runs in to cut off Dunn then Jacob uses a clothesline. Jacob & Eli Blue hit Dunn with a double boot to the face as we see Zebekiah tell us all to get used to his nephews beating up people. Jacob & Eli continue to beat down Dunn as Vince wonders if Bulldog & Luger will team on a regular basis. Dunn fights back and tags out as Well fires away, Vince tells us that Oscar will apologize on behalf of Men on a Mission this weekend on “Action Zone” but Jacob & Eli put Well away with a spinebuster/leg drop combo (3:49) 1/2*. After the match, we see Zebekiah talk up his team as they head up the aisle.

Thoughts: A completely dead crowd for this as they are not going to become sympathetic to Well Dunn getting their ass kicked. Just a win here for Jacob & Eli to give them some momentum heading into their match at WrestleMania.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. We are still plugging the 3/19 Madison Square Garden show as part of the “In High Gear” tour. We hear from Shawn & Jeff Jarrett along with The Roadie as they hype their tag match against Razor Ramon & Diesel.


King Kong Bundy w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Lex Luger

DiBiase carries the urn with him to the ring. Bundy jaws at Luger then yells at the fans. Luger blocks a punch and fires away but gets caught in a backbreaker. Luger avoids an elbow drop then gets up and hits a few clotheslines until Bundy finally drops to the mat. Bundy rolls outside as this crowd is ice cold. The announcers talk about the Corporation vs. All-Pro Team aspect of the Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Lawrence Taylor match as Bundy returns and beats on Luger for a bit. Luger blocks a turnbuckle smash and fights back but tries a slam and Bundy falls on top for a two count. Bundy now uses a chin lock then starts stomping and choking Luger. Bundy yells at the crowd before once again choking Luger. Bundy uses a knee drop for a two count then goes back to the chin lock as we head to commercial. We return and Luger is still in the chin lock. Paul Bearer now comes down the aisle as we see Luger escape the chin lock. Bundy drops Luger with a back elbow smash as Bearer wants the urn back as he slowly comes down the aisle. Bundy yells at the fans then chokes Luger out yet again. DiBiase sees Bearer and taunts him with the urn as we now see Luger fighting back. Luger then finally slams Bundy but Tatanka runs in for the attack and the match is ruled a DQ (9:02) 1/4*. Tatanka continues to hammer away ten Bundy joins in until Bulldog runs out to make the save.

Thoughts: This match sucked and Bundy was able to stomp, choke with his foot, and use a chin lock. Luger was left lying and embarrassed by Tatanka once again but Bulldog made the save to further establish Luger & Bulldog as a team.


We get an ad for the WWF Fan Festival.


Man Mountain Rock vs. Black Phantom

Rock tosses his guitar pick to the crowd as Vince once again refers to Rock as Darryl Peterson, All-American wrestler from Iowa State. Rock hits Phantom with a belly-to-belly suplex as Vince hypes up RAW being live the day after WrestleMania with Bigelow, Razor, Bret, and The Undertaker among others being in attendance. Phantom fights back but Rock reverses an Irish whip and hits an elbow drop before the Whammy Bar gets the win (1:50). Lawler then uses the Royal Magistrator to make Rock look like a bunny coming out of an egg, playing up with the Easter theme.

Thoughts: Just some hype for the RAW after Mania as I guess they are now playing up Rock tossing his pick to the fans as part of his act.


We get the Nicholas Turturro interrogation ad with Ted DiBiase for scalping WrestleMania tickets.


The Lawrence Taylor video package airs.


Kama w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Leroy Howard

We see LT on the cover of “WWF Magazine.” Kama kicks Howard in the ribs while grabbing his arm then decides to taunt the crowd. Kama takes advice from DiBiase and that allows Howard to attack from behind but Kama brushes it off and fights back. Lawler again talks about The Corporation taking care of LT’s All-Pro team as Kama toys with Howard before dropping him with a spin kick for the win (1:49).

Thoughts: A win to further portray Kama as a bad ass and how he can take on any member of the All-Pro Team.


Another WWF Live Event News segment to hype the 3/19 MSG show.


Next week, we will have Aldo Montoya vs. Hakushi and British Bulldog vs. Tatanka. Plus, the Smoking Gunns will be action.


The show ends with a “WrestleMania Moment” of Roddy Piper spraying a fire extinguisher into Morton Downey Jr’s face from WrestleMania V.


Final Thoughts: Despite more “name” matches the show was not too good. The crowd was lifeless but they did hype up Tatanka vs. Bulldog for next week and Oscar apologizing this week on Action Zone as we inch closer towards WrestleMania.