Sammy Guevara Suspension


Let me start out by saying that I am not condoning what Sammy Guevara said about Sasha Banks.  

My question, though, is how can / should AEW suspend Sammy for something he said in 2016?  That was 3 years before AEW even existed!  Shouldn't the onus be more on the Khan's for hiring him in the first place?

I liken this to Kevin Hart being forced to step down as host of the Academy Awards due to anti-gay comments he made almost 10 years previous.

I believe I am sensitive to and understanding of all these issues (rape culture, racism, sexuality), but I'm stuggling with the timeline of some of these decisions.

I'm almost 36 and look at how much I've changed in in the last 4-10 years.  I'd like to think that it has been for the better.  Sammy will be 27 next month, so let's remember he was only 22 or 23 when he made these comments.

All that said, I'm more curious as to how this podcast recently “resurfaced” because I didn't even know who Sammy Guevara was in 2016.


I don’t even wanna TOUCH this one.  But it’s probably best to get him off TV for a long while at the very least, and taking sensitivity classes isn’t the worst idea for someone in a business like wrestling.  So I’m OK with what’s happening to him.