Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #374 – 24/06/2000

Hello You!

More ECW for you as we draw ever nearer to Heatwave 2000 on the 16th of July

Let’s watch some chuffing wrestling!

This week’s matches are taped from Danbury, CT

Calling the action is Joey Styles

Opening Match
Scotty Anton w/ Cyrus Vs Gary Wolfe

Wolfe is making his return to ECW here to side against The Network, which is represented by the former Scotty Riggs. Wolfe runs wild on Anton to start and lays a whupping on him. Anton fights back before trying to give Danbury The Clap. By which I mean he claps his hands. Why, what did you think I meant? Oh get your minds out of the gutter you heathens!
Wolfe makes a comeback with some punches before getting a spine buster for two. A Spicolli Driver looks to end things, as they are sure giving Wolfe a lot of offence here, but he doesn’t pin and instead heads up, which allows Anton to cut him off and beat him with a Sharpshooter styled move called The Clapper.

RATING: *1/4

This was fine for a short TV match, but they should have probably given Anton more of a dominant win seeing as he’s supposed to feud with Rob Van Dam.

We get a video recap of Anton screwing Rob Van Dam at Hardcore Heaven before joining up with The Network.

Joey Styles is in front of the ECW Banner, where he says we’re getting exclusive Hardcore TV matches tonight.

Match Two
Chris Hamrick w/ EZ Money Vs Kid Kash

Hamrick and Money are known as Hot Commodity. Hamrick and Kash are both high flyers from the south, so this feels like a natural rivalry and they wrestle to a Central American standoff in the early going. Money provides a distraction to try and help, but Hamrick misses a dive through the second rope landing bum first on the floor of the gym in a horrible looking bump that he took a LOT in his career. I bet trips to the toilet aren’t fun for him these days.

Kash dives out onto Money but Hamrick cuts him off back inside with a super kick and works some heat. Kash manages a desperation rana to get himself back into it, only for Money to come in and attack him, allowing Hamrick to get a guillotine leg drop for two. I thought they might actually do the upset there. Heel miscommunication leads to Kash getting the Money Maker (Double Underhook Piledriver) to pick up the win straight after.


They weren’t given a lot of time, but they had an entertaining TV match with what they were given. Hamrick got to work some heat and Kash got a win by overcoming two men, so it served a purpose.

Money attacks Kash following the bout and lays him out with a powerbomb before heading up with a moonsault. New Jack runs down to make the save though and destroys the heels with weapons. New Jack eventually jumps off the same scaffold from the same building at Living Dangerously 2000 to put Hamrick through a table. Man, this arena looks far less impressive when they shoot it for TV instead of pay per view. This felt almost like an initiation. Like Paul Heyman said “You want to work here kids? Fine, get out there and get savaged by New Jack to show me you WANT it bad enough!!!”
Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger are in the locker room. Simon’s entourage of Prodigy, Prodigette, Mitch and The Musketeer annoy him as per usual. Simon and Swinger storm into the locker room of The New Dangerous Alliance. CW Anderson isn’t happy with them barging in. Simon almost says something, but Swinger stops him.

Joey hypes the upcoming live events

Francine cuts a promo in the stairwell where she says her and Justin Credible hate going to the ECW Arena and that she’ll slap all the fans.

New Jack cuts a promo in the locker room. Heatwave 2000 will be in Los Angeles, which is where he started his career. Anyone who steps in there with him is going to get destroyed.

Match Three
Simon Diamond w/ The Prodigy and Prodigette Vs Danny Doring

This is a continuation of the feud between Simon/Swinger and Doring/Roadkill. Doring gets a nice shine in the early going where he bumps Simon around to send him outside before diving onto him and his seconds. Doring had some good fire. Prodigy and Prodigette cause a distraction to allow Simon to cut him off however and Simon works some heat.

Simon isn’t a bad wrestler but he’s rarely given the time to show how good he really is, with most of his matches being quite short. You can tell he has something though, as does Doring actually. Simon only gets to work a bit of heat until Doring makes the comeback and gets The Stroke before following up with a super kick.

Doring heads up top and gets a guillotine leg drop, but Prodigette pulls out the referee before he can count three. A cheap shot from Swinger allows Simon to get The Simoniser (Fireman’s carry into a reverse DDT) for the three count.


Too short to be more but it was another fun TV match

Roadkill saves his partner from a beat down which leads to…

Match Four
Johnny Swinger Vs Roadkill

Roadkill shines on Swinger with big moves until Swinger hits him right in Lancaster a couple of times to take over. Roadkill fights back with a Bossman Slam and the takes out all of the seconds before getting a nice looking TKO and then adding a springboard clothesline. However, CW Anderson runs down to hit Roadkill with Lou E. Dangerously’s mobile phone to give Swinger the win.


Too short to rate, but Roadkill looked good.

Nova and Chetti run down to rescue the babyfaces and we have another match on our hands.

Main Event
CW Anderson and Bill Wiles w/ Lou E and Elektra Vs Nova and Chris Chetti

This has become the Paul Heyman special of one long conjoined segment. This one is super quick too, as Nova and Chetti have it won but Simon and Swinger return the favour to let CW get Nova with a spine buster for the win.


Three big wins for the heels.

Scotty Anton and Cyrus cut a promo on Rob Van Dam. It’s Anton Vs RVD at Heatwave. Anton wasn’t happy about coming in just to be RVD’s friend and that RVD will feel The Clap.

Rob Van Dam and Bill Alfonso retort. RVD says Heatwave will be the West Coast’s first chance to watch him wrestle in person.
Joey hypes up Heatwave some more as the show ends

In Conclusion

This week was a breeze to watch and I like that they are actually trying to hype up the pay per view by (gasp) announcing some matches ahead of time! For those two reasons this week gets a thumbs up.