WWF Monday Night RAW – March 13th, 1995


March 13, 1995

From the Stockton Memorial Auditorium in Stockton, CA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler

We get a hype video for tonight’s Bret Hart vs. Jerry Lawler match, revolving around Lawler accusing Bret of being racist towards the Japanese. Also, we will see Jacob & Eli Blue vs. 1-2-3 Kid & Bob Holly plus Jeff Jarrett in action and more!


The New Headshrinkers vs. Jacob & Eli Blue w/ Uncle Zebekiah

The announcers tell us the storms in California prevented Kid & Holly from being here as Cornette makes a joke about Holly crashing their car. The same excuse was given to explain the absence for Albano & Afa. The announcers now talk about Men on a Mission turning on Smoking Gunns after their match yesterday on the “Action Zone.” Fatu & Jacob start off with Jacob using clubbing forearms to the back. Fatu fires up after brushing off a turnbukcle smash and tags out. We now have Eli in with Sionne and Jacob knees Sionne from the apron. Jacob & Eli now beat down Sionne as the announcers struggle to tell the Blu’s apart. Jacob powerslams Sionne for a two count but we go to break after Sionne fights back. We return as Jacob has Sionne in a chin lock. Sionne comes back with a flying clothesline as both men are down. The Blu’s switch behind the ref’s back and run interference to maintain control of the match as the crowd boos. Cornette mentions how the Headshrinkers are directionless without their managers then Sionne is able to catch Eli in a powerslam as both men are down. Sionne finally makes the tag as Fatu runs wild. The match breaks down and they all end up brawling outside and up the aisle through the curtain as they get counted out (7:09 shown) **.

Thoughts: The match was fine and the finished designed to add some heat to their house show program, which didn’t exactly last all that long. However, announcing Kid & Holly in the opening credits then saying they were not there was odd especially considering that match was never plugged or announced on TV. Kid suffered a concussion the day before this aired in a match against Hakushi at a house show in Anaheim, CA. At this taping, he did appear but not wrestle.


We get another Lawrence Taylor video package to hype his match against Bam Bam Bigelow at WrestleMania. We then list through LT’s All-Pro team, including comments from Steve McMicheal, who will be here on RAW next week and see what Kama is all about since Kama has allegedly been making disparaging remarks. They are now setting up heat between individuals from The Corporation and All-Pro Team to add more to that dynamic of the Bigelow/LT match.


Now, we hear from The Corporation. Nikolai Volkoff is not present. Actually, I do not remember if we saw him again as maybe Gorilla’s jokes about his frequent cooking while on the road were a way to write him out. And IRS was not there but for a different reason: he got injured during the “In High Gear” tour and was talk he would be retiring.  Bigelow says that LT is going down. The rest of The Corporation then issue challenges to the All-Pro team to build more heat between the factions.


We see a taped interview with Ernie Ladd, conducted by Vince. Ladd is asked about his NFL and pro wrestling career then what kind of chance LT has at WrestleMania. Ladd says that LT is a great football player but will not be in his arena at WrestleMania. Ladd says it took many years to make it as a wrestler but that LT will be wrestling on emotions and pride. Ladd also says that LT is a great athlete and if he can generate an element of surprise it could make a great difference but outside chances will prevent that thus does not feel that LT’s chances to win are very good. Vince put over Ladd’s respected opinions in football, wrestling, and even across of the political spectrum. Ladd is a great talker and using him as an expert due to his success as both a wrestler and football player was a smart idea as he pulled this off well, adding a sense of realism to the match. Plus, they needed to create as much obstacles as possible for LT to overcome heading into the match.


Jeff Jarrett heads to the ring with The Roadie. We now go split screen backstage with Jarrett’s opponent, Barry Horowitz. Vince asks Horowitz about his chances and Horowitz says he has spoken with “double R” and feels his chances are good. Cornette then makes fun of Horowitz’s won-loss record but despite that, Horowitz is confident tonight. Horowitz, who has been portrayed as a heel in WWF since 1987, was basically turned face here due to him talking with another face in Razor to prepare for this match.


Jeff Jarrett w/ The Roadie vs. Barry Horowitz

Jarrett attacks Horowitz before the bell but Horowitz fights back and uses a backslide for a two count. Horowitz uses a few other pin attempts then Jarrett bails and regroups with Roadie while Cornette said someone pumped Horowitz with false confidence. Jarrett trips up Horowitz then heads back inside to beat him down. Vince puts over Horowitz yet to win a match in the WWF as Cornette makes fun of the city of Stockton. Horowitz comes back and works the arm as Cornete said that Pamela Anderson married Tommy Lee to make Shawn jealous and how Shawn would destroy Lee if they ever met. Horowitz continues to work the arm as Vince says that technical difficulties will prevent them from speaking with San Francisco 49ers President Carmen Policy. Horowitz uses another pinfall as he stays on the arm of Jarrett. Cornette now talks about Horowitz could be competing over his ability tonight and might get a win as he catches Jarrett with a high knee but hurts himself in the process. Jarrett capitalizes with a chop block then attacks the knee before using the figure four for the win (4:38) **.

Thoughts: Fun match while it lasted. Horowitz used a lot more mat-based offense here (he does have an amateur wrestling background) and was able to hung in here until he hurt his knee.


We get the clip of Bret Hart costing Jerry Lawler the battle royal from “Superstars” two weeks ago. After that, we hear from Bret as he refers to Lawler as a disease and vows to beat him into an oblivion.


WrestleMania Report with Todd Pettengill. Pettengill tells us about Salt N’ Pepa performing their song “Whatta Man” at WrestleMania. We then hear from them in the recording studio talking about Razor Ramon and Bret Hart. We then the Shawn Michaels & Pamela Anderson with Pamela reluctantly talking about Shawn having the best body in the world as he brags about them celebrating after WrestleMania. We also see a clip here of MoM turning on the Smoking Gunns from yesterday’s Action Zone. Pettengill said that the Gunns are okay and will recover but its still unclear as to why MoM attacked them after the match. We will hear more about that next week on the Action Zone. Pettengill now breaks the news that British Bulldog & Lex Luger will face Jacob & Eli Blue. We get another match added to the card but one announced randomly before any chance to build. And, at the time the WCW Hotline had reported Luger gave notice to the WWF and was heading into the company. That did not happen……………..this month anyway.


Jerry “The King” Lawler w/ Bull Nakano vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart

These two fight as Bret gets into the ring. Bret hammers away then takes off his jacket and lands more punches. Lawler bails so Bret heads out and slams his head off of the steps. Bret lands more punches then takes the action back into the ring and puts Lawler in the tree-of-woe and kicks away. Bret continues to beat the crap out of Lawler as we see Bob Backlund in the crowd. Bret clotheslines Lawler for a two count as we now see Hakushi & Shinja watching from the aisle as Cornette says the Japanese are showing unity against Bret’s racism. Bret gets distracted and Lawler knocks him outside. Lawler rams Bret into the steps before the break and we return with Lawler in the control as the crowd chants “Burger King.” Lawler taunts the crowd after hitting a bulldog as Vince tells us that Horowitz is asking for a return match against Jarrett. Lawler yells at the camera to get a look at him beating on Bret then hits a vertical suplex. Lawler heads up top but Bret hits him in midair. Bret now fires away in the corner then hits a bulldog. Bret now follows Lawler outside but Nakano grabs his hair. Lawler then tries to attack from behind and gets accidentally kicked by Nakano. Lawler is rolled inside and Bret tries to get back in but Nakano dives to the ground and holds on to his leg, out of view from the referee, and Bret ends up getting counted out (6:36) **1/2. Nakano then heads up the aisle beind Hakushi & Shinja as Bret follows up and Lawler attacks from behind. Bret then fights back and brings Lawler back into the ring and beats on him for a bit until Lawler is able to escape.

Thoughts: Fun match with Bret mostly beating on his chickenshit opponent then getting the heat back at the end. They also furthered the Bret/Hakushi stuff with a staredown and more of that will be addressed going forward. And, amazingly enough, Backlund did not get involved here. Which, quite frankly, was somewhat surprising given it was a fuck finish but Nakano costing Bret because she believes he is racist also fit the bell.


Next week, we get Razor Ramon vs. Henry Godwinn. Plus, Smoking Gunns vs. Heavenly Bodies for the Tag Team Titles.


Vince is now at ringside with Jarrett and Horowitz. Jarrett says that Horowitz is crying about the figure-four and the loss. Jarrett then says Horowitz cannot beat him on his worst day and tells him to sign the contract, which is also a shot at the title. Horowitz is about to sign but Backlund comes out and puts Horowitz in the chicken wing then signs his name on the contract and leaves. Jarrett flips out over the prospect of having to face Backlund then stomps on Horowitz with the assistance of The Roadie. Now, we get a future Jarrett vs. Backlund match in another surprising segment.


Final Thoughts: A breezy one hour show that mostly lived in its own universe but did hype up WrestleMania and built up to future matches. We also heard the news of Bulldog & Luger vs. Jacob & Eli Blue added to WrestleMania as well as Salt N’ Pepa performing. We get a Tag Team Title match next week and a future match between Jarrett vs. Backlund as WrestleMania XI is now less than three weeks away.

However, there was also other big news in the wrestling world. WCW had recently announced more PPV’s and as many as 11 in 1996. WWF countered by adding four more this year but those additional four would be at a $14.95 price point, half of what WCW was charging for their shows. Dave Meltzer noted in the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” that the first show was announced on May 14th in Syracuse and will be pushed as “bargain buy” shows focusing on fewer matches that are different than what was going on around the house show circuit. So, now after WrestleMania, we go straight into pushing another event.