Tuesday Night Streaming Thread

Tonight!  We’ve got AEW Dark!

The Librarian v. Orange Cassidy and Pineapple Pete v. Shawn Spears?  Might give this one a watch.

The NWA channel appears to have gone dark, with no uploads in the past week, so who knows if we’re getting anything tonight from them.  With Lagana done, I’m skeptical that they can continue much longer.  Apparently it was him and Aldis who were the main creative force behind everything.

RAW’s ratings were steady, so apparently we’ve reached the point where they need to flood the show with legends to maintain 1.9 million viewers.

I tried to review the “Best of Continental Wrestling” collection that’s on Amazon Prime earlier today, but it’s basically a VHS dub from some guy’s collection and it looks awful and has no real point or cohesion, so I gave up 20 minutes in and put the rant as is into the archives.  Then I found some more Jerry Lawler’s Classic Memphis Wrestling on YouTube and reviewed that instead for tomorrow!

Have a great night!