How to fix Braun’s failed title run

Hey Scott,
You keep on harping about Braun's failed title run and we have seen that Diesel had a failed run 25 years ago. Didn't their title runs fail because of bad opponents? Who really thinks that Miz or Morrison would win the title? Did beating Bray Wyatt (not the fiend) really make Braun look strong? That would be similar to Diesel facing Mabel and Sid and Bulldog; few would think that they would actually win the title and Bulldog was basically a tag team guy for the previous year (similar to Miz and Morrison).

So how would you fix Braun's title run? Who would you have him face? 

Personally I would have him face guys like Styles (former champ who can put on great matches but with a stable who could outnumber Braun). I wouldn't put him vs Bryan because that would be too similar to Diesel facing Bret (little guy underdog who is more popular than the champ). 

I like how you suppose that the problem I have with him is his opponents and then immediately want me to fix it with better opponents.  It's not the opponents, it's Braun.  He won the title in bullshit fashion with literally no storyline buildup from a guy with no business being champion in the first place, and his act is death without fans, and the matches have been awful.  Would it even matter if someone else was champion?  I dunno.  But I do not want to watch Braun with that belt anymore, we've given it 2 PPVs now and it's not working.