Wrestling comfort food

You may have covered this, but do you have PPVs you are perhaps overly sentimental for? I have a few. Summerslam 98 was the exact right combination of storylines, action, and things going on in my own life to where I can watch it just about any time from start to finish. Survivor Series 1990 (oddly enough) plays a similar role in my wrestling mythology (I was 9, and this event for whatever reason represented a turning point in my fandom). Much more recently, NXT Takeover Wargames from last year was my favorite live show I’ve ever been to, and thus, holds an outsize place in my heart. What are yours?

Probably Wrestlemania 4 and 5, which are objectively terrible shows but are based at exactly the right time in my fandom and resulted in me watching them over and over.