Vince Russo killing the competition

Reading your TNA rants you can really see the bad influence of Vince Russo in the shows and that probably hurt TNA's ability to attract an audience right from the get go.  We know that WCW being cancelled was largely a result of the AOL Time Warner merger but
Nitro's ratings were about half of what they had been in 1998 and you would have to assume that if the ratings were still high that they would have been less likely to cancel it.  Russo's horrible run in WCW had to have contributed to the decreased ratings
so he helped kill the WWF's competition.  Then TNA debuts to essentially replace WCW but Russo is involved and the show is full of his stupid nonsense and TNA never really ends up being a serious competitor to WWE.  So when you think about it this one guy
killed the WWF/E's competition and then sabotaged the only serious potential competition to emerge
aftewards right out of the gate.  The whole nearly 20 year period of the WWE having no competition until AEW showed up could be attributed entirely to one idiot's
immature zero-attention-span approach to wrestling.

I'm loathe to give him that much credit for any kind of influence on the business, but there's certainly an argument to made there, yes.