From The Beginning (Attitude Era)

Yes another Attitude Era question. But this is more, me reaching out for advice. 

When I was younger and the NWO came into existence in Summer 1996, my WWF viewing came almost to a complete halt. Up until Early 1998, 95% of my weekly viewing was for Nitro.

As years passed I have caught up and watched major Attitude Era moments I missed when it first aired (Montreal, HIAC, etc). I still feel like I never got to witness that full 1997 Attitude Era beginning.

What do you feel would be a good launching point for me to do a fresh watch? Right before Mania 13? Far back as Royal Rumble 1997?? Is there a certain RAW episode that kinda kicked it off??

Yeah, the episode with the Sid v. Bret cage match where Bret flips out on Vince and basically sets up his own character arc that led to Montreal.  It's a pretty clear starting point for what you're looking for.