WWF Action Zone – March 12th, 1995

March 12, 1995

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Todd Pettengill

This week’s featured match has the Smoking Gunns defend the Tag Team Titles against Men on a Mission and we hear from both teams hyping up the match. And The Gunns had to do a really corny “yee-haw” yell at the end of their promo.


Men on a Mission w/ Oscar vs. Smoking Gunns (c)

This match took place at the 2/22 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in North Charleston, WV. We even got fireworks before the teams came out to the ring. Ross is billing Mabel as 6’8 and 505 lbs here. Billy and Mo start off the match trading arm wringers. Mo then slams Billy after an Irish whip sequence and follows with a dropkick. Billy escapes from an armbar and tags out but Mo works the arm of Bart. Mabel is now in and he beats on Bart. MoM continue to cut the ring in half as they focus on Bart’s arm. Bart fights back and takes Mo down with an arm drag and tags out soon afterwards. Billy grounds Mo as its mostly been a scientific match to start. The Gunns are now the team in control as Pettengill says there are not “sixteen” titles in the WWF as they only have a few and they mean everything. We get chants for each team then Mabel tags in and fires away on Billy. Bart tags in after Billy fell down in the corner and Mabel drops Bart with a lifting choke. Mabel talks trash at Billy then plants Bart with a sidewalk slam and thinks he won the match but Bart got his foot on the bottom rope. MoM are pissed now and Billy tags and bulldogs Mabel from behind for a two count. The Gunns then hit Mabel with a double back suplex for a two count as we go to commercial. The match returns with Mo pinning Bart for a two count. Mabel now beats on Bart as Pettengill plays up how Mabel is bewildered after thinking he won the match. Mabel blocks a sunset flip with a sitdown splash for two and gets pissed that it was not a three count. Mo tags and tries a flying elbow drop but Bart rolls away then tags out. Billy runs wild and the Gunns take Mabel outside after a  pair of double dropkicks. Bart heads out and fights with Mabel as Mo takes Billy down with a spinning heel kick. Mo then heads up top with a crossbody but Billy rolsl through and gets the win in a rough looking spot (10:42) **1/4. However, after the match, Teh Gunns celebrate and get sneak attacked by MoM. Oscar tries to get his guys to stop but Mabel takes both Gunns out with splashes and MoM then grab the belts as the announcers are in shock. MoM then drop the belts on The Gunns before leaving. Raymond Rougeau come out for an answer but Mo tells him to stay out of their way.

Thoughts: The match itself was solid although the finish looked like crap. I thought the story told throughout the match with Mabel becoming increasingly angry after thinking his team won was good and thought it was the best match called by Ross & Pettengill, who sold the story well. The turn is interesting and was pulled off well to where it came as a shock. According to Mabel in his shoot interview with Pro Wrestling Diaries, they went to Vince asking to do something new and he decided to turn them heel, while promising Mabel would win something that we will find out in a few months.


Lex Luger defeats Mark Starr in a match from the 3/12 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” During the segment, the announcers told us that Rougeau was working to get a reason as to why MoM attacked The Gunns.


We get the LT video package that has been shown on WWF programming all week long.


Bam Bam Bigelow defeats Bill Payne in a match from the 3/12 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” After the match, Rougeau asks Bigelow if he is concerned about LT’s All-Pro team. Bigelow said not at all and that LT is the one who needs to be concerned when they wrestle.


Now we get a specific question asked to LT from the WrestleMania XI press conference. Some reporter wearing a Fox hat, who we later find out is the NY Fox Affiliate reporter Carl White, asks LT if retirement has become so boring that he had to “stoop” to this match. LT takes offense to the question and jokes to the reporter that he stooped by going to the Fox Network. LT then says the comment was unnecessary and speaks about retirement as the camera focuses on the reporter who asked the question. LT then puts over the wrestlers as being real athletes who trained hard and does not mind working with real athletes. The announcers then put over LT’s answer to the question as being classy while Ross says that the NY Fox affiliate is a good network but that White asked a dumb question. When news of this match broke, it did receive a fair amount of negative reaction with people in shock LT would “stoop” to do pro wrestling for the WWF so this I assume was a way for WWF to fight back. As much as I call out Vince for crying about the media, I do not fault him for this segemnt whatsoever and think it was a good thing to air on TV.


1-2-3 Kid defeats Black Phantom in a match from the 3/12 edition of “WWF Wrestling Challenge. 


The announcers now talk about WrestleMania and go over the matches. We see the Shawn Michaels segment with Pamela Anderson while Bret Hart calls out Bob Backlund to hype up the “I Quit” match.


WWF Fan Festival ad airs.


Henry Godwinn defeats Tyrone Knox from the 3/12 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” The announcers plug an “Entertainment Tonight” segment with MTV’s Dan Cortese and Diesel.


We get a video package hyping Bret Hart vs. Jerry Lawler this coming Monday night on RAW.


The Bushwhackers defeated Sonny Pruitt & Robbie Baker in a match first shown on the 3/12 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” During this match, Ross plugged the Superstar Line and how you can hear about new superstars heading into the WWF. Ross also told us that Oscar was humiliated about what his team did and how we will hear from Steve McMichael on RAW. And, Ross talks about The Roadie confronting William Shatner this Friday night on the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”


Next week’s featured match is Bigelow vs. Doink.


Final Thoughts: The big news here was MoM turning heel. They did have some other exclusive features like the LT press conference piece and other plugs for various things not yet heard on WWF TV as there are enough tweaks to the recycled matches and show format to make them fresh was opposed to what we saw at the end of “All American Wrestling.”


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Tonight: WWF Monday Night RAW 3/13/95

Monday: WWF Superstars 3/18/95, WWF Challenge 3/19/95

Tuesday: WWF Action Zone 3/19/95

Wednesday: WWF Madison Square Garden 3/19/95

Thursday: WWF Monday Night RAW 3/20/95

Friday: WWF Superstars 3/25/95. WWF Wrestling Challenge 3/26/95

Saturday: WWF Action Zone 3/26/95

Sunday: WWF Sunday Night Slam 3/26/95