Well, that escalated quickly…

Scott! Hope you're well. Here's one that you've hopefully never been asked before…

What are some of your memories of “holy shit” moments that happened in rapid-fire succession? It's difficult to explain exactly what I mean, so I'll give some examples.

Bret vs. Sid for the title > Bret shoves Vince down > Bret goes on a profanity-laced tirade > Massive brawl > Shawn Michaels, high off his ass, wonders out and forgets to limp.

Rock vs. Foley for the title > DX and Corporation in a brawl > Austin comes out > Foley wins the title.

Hogan vs. Andre > Andre wins the title > Andre sells the title to DiBiase > Twin referees revealed.

Aside from hearing your favorites I'm curious to see what other ones you and the faithful can come up with.

The Pitbulls vs Raven and Richards title change was a great example of that kind of insanity as well, in a good way.