Is Joey Styles a terrible person?

Hey Scott, 

Hope you’re keeping safe in these strange times.

I was reading your ECW rant today and in the comments there was a lot of vitriol for Joey Styles. I’ve never really liked him as a commentator (I find he has an annoying voice, and announcers shouldn’t really have catchphrases because it takes you out
of the moment, so OHMYGOD always irritates me, much like Mamma Mia and DANGEROUUUS!!), but he’s generally held in high regard by fans so I was wondering if there are any incidents that cast him in a negative light? I’m sure The Man they call Daver might have
some insight in the comments.

Also, do you have any particular announcing calls that just killed a moment for you? For me it’s JR during the UT-HBK classic at Wrestlemania 25. Shawn had just kicked out of the tombstone, the crowd is going nuts, Taker is doing the big-eyed stare to
end all big-eyes stares, and JR screams “I just had an out of body experience!” It just makes me cringe every single time. Is there anything that sticks out for you, aside from Michael Cole always and forever?

I've never been a fan of Joey Styles, but as others have pointed out, I also approach ECW from a viewpoint where I have zero nostalgia for it so I can tend to be a bit more objective about it.  That being said, he doesn't tend to annoy me THAT much, I'm just not a big fan of his.  
That being said, what I hate is the WWE announcing trope of over-selling a potential title change or upset by completely lampshading the moment and thus taking the audience out of the match.  I can SEE that the underdog might win the WWF title, I don't need you to TELL me that, especially because then it's guaranteed that he won't.