Best Wrestling Performance

Hey Scott,

I've heard a lot of discussions about “Best Match” or “Best Wrestler” but rarely do we hear about great performances by a wrestler – kind of like what the equivalent of a Best Actor Oscar would be. It occurred to me watching WrestleWar 91 and man does Brian Pillman give a tremendous performance during that match.

Other examples I thought of would be Ted DiBiase during the 90 Rumble, and, of course, Flair during the 92 Rumble. Maybe Bret at the 93 King of the Ring? Shawn Michaels at the 2003 Survivor Series comes to mind, too. 

Curious what you and the blog think!
The problem is that's a huge part of wrestling now, guys who are obsessed with the performance rather than actually trying to convince people they want to win the match.  That's why I don't think the Edge-Orton will stand the test of time after even a couple of months, because there was no real issue behind the match aside from “We want to have the best match ever”.