Scraping the Bottom of the “Best Of…” Barrel

Hey Scott—

I was reading through the latest Observer, and there was a news note that the number 3 watched show on the Network last week was “Best of the Nexus”.

… the hell?

We’re talking about an angle that lasted, what? Five months? And ran out of steam in about three. Other than the initial beatdown that got Daniel Bryan fired, what material do we have to fondly look back on from the Nexus days?

Is WWE so bereft of creativity that we’re now waxing nostalgic for a minor storyline that happened only ten years ago…?

I find the “Best of…” stuff kind of interested in the sense that years ago, when I had more time and patience for this sort of thing, that would be an awesome 6 hours to binge.  Kind of like the tapes I used to trade and watch in the 90s.  I know “Best of Nexus” is kind of a weak sauce, but there's lots of people looking for a way to watch chronological chunks of wrestling history in order and this satisfies that.  So I can't hate on it.