The joy of 4 PPVs (and a Fyter Fest)

Watching AEW tonight and when Brodie Lee came out, I was thinking, they havent even mentioned his Moxley match since Double or Nothing. They had a brief feud, set up a big match, Moxley won, and they both moved on. 

It's kind of refreshing, no? Like, they didnt start off with a garbage finish to start a forced string of 3 or 4 title matches. 

Ditto for Cody & Lance Archer. Great little feud, with a good match, but didnt overstay its welcome. 

And in both cases, they got a ready-made rematch whenever they want. The quarterly PPV structure is so much better for storytelling, isn't it? 

Definitely.  Like, why exactly did we NEED Backlash?  I actually think 8 per year would be ideal because you get a healthy build but don’t burn out the audience.